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Double The Impact

Sisters Olivia and Vanessa Merritt strive to make campus more bird-friendly.

Architecture Students Design, Build

A student-built facility will help advance productivity of the campus Agroecology Education Farm, which grows sustainable farm-to-fork produce for university dining halls.

Students Donate Leftover Campus Food To People In Need

NC State's student chapter of the Food Recovery Network redistributes leftover food from campus to local nonprofits that address hunger and homelessness.

Students Compost Cotton Waste From Campus Labs

In the College of Textiles, students are exploring how to create a sustainable cotton composting program to reduce waste sent to landfill.

Campus Welcomes First Bus Stop With Solar Power

At the Dan Allen Drive bus stop, you can recharge with free renewable energy courtesy of a solar-powered charging station.

Psychology Students Design Campus Composting Solution

A team of NC State psychology students designed a compost collection system for restrooms in the university’s Talley Student Union.