Get Involved

Becoming a more sustainable campus involves every student, faculty member and staff member. Consider getting involved in these ways:

Stay Informed

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Attend a campus sustainability-related event or request a presentation/workshop about sustainability

Know of a sustainability story on campus? Let us know

See sustainability progress in action at our YouTube and Flickr channels.

Change Your State

This sustainability awareness campaign offers ideas and tips on how to be more sustainable. Each month during the academic year, the focus of this campaign shifts to another areas of sustainability as detailed below. In addition to Change Your State, NC State’s Green Living Guide also offers ideas for a more sustainable life on campus.


You are what you eat, so choose sustainable food that has the least environmental impact and biggest health benefit. Food is the campaign focus in September.


Join the Wolfpack of energy savers. Energy is the campaign focus in October.


Zero Waste

Help make NC State leaner and cleaner by reducing, reusing, recycling and composting. Zero Waste is the campaign focus in November.


Decrease how much you drive and you’ll save money while also reducing air pollution. Travel is the campaign focus in January.


Be a better you by living a well-balanced, healthy life. Wellness is the campaign focus in February.


Only about 1 percent of the Earth’s water can be consumed by humans, so do your part to save this necessary but limited resource. Water is the campaign focus in March.

Make Campus More Sustainable

Numerous opportunities exist for you to get involved on campus.

Student Groups

Students can join the NC State Stewards, which are the university’s student sustainability ambassadors, or another sustainability-focused student group.


Through PackLink, the online resource for sustainable project collaboration at NC State, students have the opportunity to connect with sustainability-related projects on campus, gaining real-world experience through experiential education.

Sustainability Fund

The NC State Sustainability Fund offers competitive grants for sustainability-related projects, education and resources that enhance campus and student learning.

Wolfpack Certified Sustainable

Certify your campus events and campus workplace for sustainability. Points are earned for adopting sustainable practices and certification levels are offered based on accrued points.


There are many ways to volunteer on campus and in the community. A list of sustainability-related service opportunities is available.


NC State’s University Sustainability Office welcomes financial or in-kind support for its expanding programs to move the university toward a more sustainable future.