Sustainable Workplace Certification

A sustainable workplace promotes the health and well-being of employees in addition to promoting the wise stewardship of resources, prudent financial planning and environmentally responsible operations.

Sustainability is a core value at NC State University. Showcase your campus department’s commitment by attaining a Sustainable Workplace Certification.

What makes a workplace sustainable?

Utilize the following resources to guide your campus department to Sustainable Workplace Certification. The certification form is based on these resources.

How to Certify Your Workplace


Use the resources above to integrate sustainability into your workplace. The certification process uses a point-based system to evaluate your workplace based on the incorporation of sustainable practices. Certification is offered at the champion, steward and contributor levels.

  • Contributor: 25 -49% of total survey points
  • Steward: 50 -74% of total survey points
  • Champion: 75% or more of total survey points

Certify your workplace by completing the online certification form. The certification form is based on the above resources. Workplace certifications should be renewed every 3 years.


Be sure to use the certification as a way to promote your department. Display your sustainable workplace certificate in your office and share the news on your department website and social media channels.

Certified Workplaces

*Indicates workplaces that have re-certified

WorkplaceCertification LevelYear Certified
NC State University LibrariesChampionMarch 2023
Wellness and Recreation*ChampionDecember 2022
University Sustainability Office*ChampionSeptember 2022
EcoVillage Living and Learning Village*ChampionAugust 2020
NC State PragueContributorMarch 2020
Transportation*StewardOctober 2019
Supply Chain Resource Cooperative in Poole College of ManagementChampionJune 2018
Rural WorksStewardMarch 2018
Environmental Sciences*StewardJanuary 2018
Institute for NonprofitsStewardNovember 2017
TransportationChampionOctober 2017
Microbiology Teaching Labs (Biological Sciences)StewardSeptember 2017
McKimmon Conference & Training CenterStewardApril 2017
Center for Chemical Toxicology Research and PharmacokineticsChampionMarch 2017
Office of the University ArchitectStewardMarch 2017
Facilities Division Finance and AdministrationStewardMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone A1ChampionMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone A2ChampionMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone A3ChampionMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone A6ChampionMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone AS1ChampionMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone H4ChampionMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone H5ChampionMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone CBC1ChampionMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone CC2ChampionMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone A4NStewardMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone A4DStewardMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone A5StewardMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone A7StewardMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone A8StewardMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone A10StewardMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone H1StewardMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone H2StewardMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone H3StewardMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone H6StewardMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone PCStewardMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone R1StewardMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone MMStewardMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone CBC2StewardMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Zone CC1StewardMarch 2017
University Housekeeping Administrative OfficeChampionMarch 2017
Office of International ServicesStewardFeb. 2017
Department of Fraternity and Sorority LifeStewardJuly 2016
Outdoor Leadership Minor (University College)StewardMay 2016
English Department (College of Humanities and Social Sciences)StewardFeb. 2016
NC Clean Energy Technology CenterStewardFeb. 2016
Project Angelfish (within Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)StewardFeb. 2016
Center for Integrated Pest ManagementChampionJan. 2016
Industrial Assessment CenterStewardJan. 2016
Business Sustainability Collaborative in Poole College of ManagementStewardDec. 2015
Grounds and Fleet ServicesChampionDec. 2015
Case Dining HallStewardNov. 2015
Fountain Dining HallStewardNov. 2015
Clark Dining HallStewardNov. 2015
USDA Forest ServiceStewardSept. 2015
Women’s CenterStewardJune 2015
PowerAmericaStewardJuly 2015
Early College High School Liaison (First Year College)StewardJune 2015
Facilities Operations Business ServicesStewardMay 2015
Environmental Health and Public SafetyStewardApril 2015
Capital Project ManagementChampionFeb. 2015
Eastern 4-H CenterStewardJan. 2015
OnBoarding CenterStewardJan. 2015
EcoVillageStewardApril 2014
Utilities and Engineering ServicesStewardMarch 2014
University Sustainability OfficeChampionMarch 2014
Office of AssessmentStewardMarch 2014
Repair and RenovationChampionOct. 2014
Study Abroad Office ChampionOct. 2014
Environmental Sciences Academic ProgramStewardNov. 2014
University RecreationStewardDec. 2014
Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampionFeb. 2014