Campus Pollinator Habitats


Have you heard the buzz? NC State is committed to protecting pollinators. From classrooms to research labs and in landscapes all over campus, Wolfpack students help protect pollinators through research, education, advocacy, habitat and even honeybee hives.

These efforts include:

Pollinator Gardens: These are intentionally landscaped areas that include flowering plants native to North Carolina. To ensure health of pollinators, these areas are not treated with pesticides.
Other Pollinator Habitat: While not specifically designed as pollinator gardens, these areas also have important plant resources that are attractive to pollinators and contribute towards a healthy pollinator environment on campus.
Honeybee Hives: Hives are added to increase the number of beneficial pollinators on campus. Nationwide, pollinator decline over the past several years has accelerated. These managed campus hives boost the health of the campus ecosystem as well as the surrounding environment.
Academics and Research: NC State has many pollinator-related labs, academic programs and research facilities.
Student-Led Initiatives: Several student organizations are interested in and have missions related to pollinator maintenance and health, including Entomology ClubEntomology Graduate Student ClubBeekeeping Club and Horticulture Club.



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This webpage was compiled in the 2016-2017 academic year by horticulture graduate student Melissa Tinling, who received a grant from the NC State Sustainability Fund to develop a pollinator garden and educational resources about campus pollinators.