Sustainable Student Organization Certification

Student organizations have a unique opportunity to advance sustainability on NC State’s campus as they promote individual and collective action for good.

All student organizations, no matter the mission or vision, can be sustainable. Let the Student Organization Certification connect your organization to NC State’s mission, members and campus partners. Bonus: Certified student organizations will also be promoted through Sustainability’s social media channels and newsletter. Contact for details.

Certified Student Organizations

Certified Student OrganizationsCertification LevelDate Certified
Epsilon Eta Environmental Fraternity Iota Chapter at NC StateChampionMarch 2023
National Parks Club at NC StateChampionJanuary 2023
Omega Phi AlphaChampionJanuary 2023
Greater Good Textile GroupStewardJanuary 2023
NC State Science Olympiad Alumni OrganizationStewardJanuary 2023
Anthropology Club at NC StateStewardJanuary 2023
Sustainability Stewards ChampionOctober 2022
Beekeepers Club ChampionOctober 2022
Habitat for Humanity at NC StateChampionOctober 2022
Alpha Phi OmegaStewardOctober 2022
Rafting Club at NC StateContributorSeptember 2022
Theta Tau RhoContributorSeptember 2022

How can a student organization be sustainable?

Use the resources below to guide your organization’s path toward sustainability. The certification process is based on these resources.

How to Certify Your Student Organization

Step 1: Incorporate Sustainability

Use the resources above to integrate sustainability into your student organization.

The certification process uses a point-based system to evaluate your workplace based on the incorporation of sustainable practices. Certification is offered at the champion, steward and contributor levels.

  • Contributor: 25–49% of total survey points
  • Steward: 50–74% of total survey points
  • Champion: 75% or more of total survey points
Step 2: Submit Certification

Certify your student organization by completing the online certification form. The form is based on the above resources. Student organization certifications must be renewed each year.

Step 3: Promote Your Achievement

Be sure to use the certification as a way to promote your student organization. Display your Sustainable Student Organization Certificate on your profile page and website and include it in your social media outlets.