Sustainable Event Certification

A sustainable event represents wise stewardship of resources, prudent financial planning and environmentally responsible operations. It also inspires attendees to live more sustainably.

Showcase your organization’s commitment to sustainability by attaining a Sustainable Event Certification.

What makes an event sustainable?

Utilize the following resources to guide your organization to Sustainable Event Certification.

How to Certify Your Event

step 1: Incorporate sustainability

Use the resources above to integrate sustainability before, during and after your event. The certification process uses a point-based system to evaluate the event based on your incorporation of sustainability practices. Certification is offered at the following levels:

  • Contributor: 25-49% of total survey points
  • Steward: 50-74% of total survey points
  • Champion: 75% or more of total points
step 2: submit certification

Certify your event by completing the online certification form.

step 3: Promote Your achievement

Be sure to use the certification as a way to promote your event. Display your sustainable event certificate at the event and include it in press releases and/or media talking points.

Certified Events

Event NameSponsoring OrganizationCertification Level
All CEFS Meeting, 10/27/2023Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Field Research, Education and Outreach Facility at Cherry Research Farm Tour, 10/25/2023Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Farm to ECE Institute, 10/21/2023Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Envisioning Urban Futures, 10/18/2023Office of University Interdisciplinary Programs, NC State Libraries, Initiative for Community Growth and DevelopmentChampion
Extension Early Career Conference, 10/2-4/2023NC State ExtensionChampion
Farm to Fork Picnic (Charlotte), 10/1/2023Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
2023 SailPack Women’s Intercollegiate Regatta, 9/31-10/1/2023Sailing Club at NC StateChampion
KIETS Climate Leaders Program Symposium, 9/28-29/2023KIETS Climate Leaders ProgramChampion
All Carolinas Dining Event, 9/7/2023NC State DiningChampion
An Afternoon with Our Pack: Celebrating NC State’s Red Wolf Conservation and Care, 9/6/2023NC State CVMChampion
CEFS Lunch and Intentional Workplace Facilitated Meeting, 8/31/2023Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
College of Sciences Welcome Back Picnic, 8/31/2023College of SciencesChampion
ASPIRE Closing Lunch and Poster Presentations, 7/28/2023Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Small Farm Unit Demonstration & Field Day, 7/12-23/2023Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
NC State CVM Terrence Curtin Society Annual Luncheon, 6/7/2023NC State CVMChampion
Farm to Fork Picnic, 6/4/2023Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Summer Internship Welcome Lunch, 5/22/2023Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Advisory Board Meeting, 5/5/2023Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Networking with CEFS, 4/20/2023Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
All CEFS, 4/19/2023Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Celebration of NC State Sustainability, 4/18/2023University Sustainability OfficeChampion
Eco+Pack, 4/17-21/2023Eco+PackChampion
Caring For Your Lawn, 4/13/2023NC State Staff SenateChampion
Earth Fair, 4/12/2023University Sustainability OfficeChampion
Reducing Your Food Waste, 4/6/2023NC State Staff SenateChampion
Next Level Marketing Strategies for Local, Niche Meat Businesses, 4/4/2023NC ChoicesChampion
2023 WRRI Annual Conference, 3/22-23/2023NC Water Resources Research InstituteChampion
Forging Our Food Future: 2023 Statewide Gathering, 3/15-16/2023Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
FoodCon 2023, 2/16/2023Poole College Business Sustainability CollaborativeChampion
NC State CVM’s Annual Scholarship Dinner, 2/15/2023College of Veterinary MedicineChampion
Southern Cover Crops Conference, 2/14-15/2023Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Advisory Board Meeting, 2/3/2023Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
NC State Make-A-Thon, 1/27-29/2023NC State Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Libraries and HousingChampion
CEFS Holiday Afterparty, 1/27/2023Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion