Sustainable Event Certification

A sustainable event certification offers campus event planners the opportunity to be recognized for sustainable event planning.

Criteria for certification includes the following categories: food, waste, purchasing, education, marketing, transportation, energy and water, service, innovation. The certification levels allow for recognition across many areas and regardless of event type (see scoring explanation). Certification Levels available:

  • Contributor (25% – 49% of total survey points)
  • Steward (50% – 74% of total survey points)
  • Champion (75% or more of total points)
Certification step 1 – Incorporate sustainability

Use the resources below to integrate sustainability before, during and after your event. The online certification form uses a point-based system to evaluate the event based on your incorporation of the following sustainability practices.

  1. Appoint a Sustainability Coordinator for all planned events both large and small.
  2. Choose an Event Time and Location
    1. Let the Sun Shine In: Choose to hold the event in a sustainability-conscious setting.
    2. Outdoors
    3. LEED certified campus building
    4. Naturally-lit indoor location
    5. Make it Accessible: Choose to hold the event in a location easily accessible by alternative transportation (i.e. bus, bicycle, carpool, on foot).
    6. Include alternative transportation information in event promotion. This could be bus routes and schedulesbicycle routes and park and ride locations.
    7. Go a Step Further… (select all that apply)
      1. Encourage and incentivize alternative transportation in informative event material.
      2. Choose to conduct the event online via webinar or virtual conferencing software such as NC State Blackboard Collaborate.
      3. If participants are anticipated to use conventional transportation means, offer a travel offset (small donation) option to event participants in an effort to enhance local non-profits’ efforts to better the surrounding community/environment.
    8. Innovate: What other ideas do you have to enhance the sustainability of your event location?
  3. Promote the Event
    1. Go Digital: Design a promotional plan that utilizes digital communications tactics wherever possible.
    2. Go a Step Further… (select all that apply)
      1. Design a paperless promotional campaign.
      2. Printing event materials? Use recycled paper or paper that has been FSC-certified for responsible tree harvesting.
      3. Post printed materials in a centralized location to reduce waste related to your event.
      4. Ask printing company to opt for soy-based ink rather than conventional ink products, which are manufactured using petroleum sources.
    3. Design promotional material to reach diverse audiences in order to increase community conversation surrounding your event.
    4. Talk It Up: Advertise your sustainability efforts to participants in event materials.
      1. If your event earns a Wolfpack Certified Sustainable Event certification, display the certification and include this achievement in promotional material.
    5. Innovate: What other ideas do you have to enhance the sustainability of your event promotion and marketing?
  4. Purchase or Rent Sustainable Supplies
    1. Big Savings are a Click Away: Use “Questions to Consider” purchasing resources provided by NC State’s Sustainability Office to make sustainable choices when evaluating purchase or rental options.
    2. Cut it Out: Make a purposeful evaluation of vital event details versus potentially non-essential items to reduce extraneous event costs and waste.
    3. See What’s Out There: Borrow necessary items (chairs, tables, banners, etc.) from campus partners and university departments or explore rental options before purchasing new supplies.
    4. Rack Up on Reusables: Cut event costs by choosing reusable supplies that can be utilized in future events. Purchase reused products from NC State Surplus.
    5. Go a Step Further… (select all that apply)
      1. Purchase supplies with recycled content and reduced packaging material.
      2. If organizing a giveaway for your event, utilize sustainable alternatives such as a service or consumable item that will not contribute to event waste (e.g. coupons, experiences, tickets for NC State athletic event, gift certificates, plants, food, etc.)
      3. Buy in bulk. Reduce costs and excess packaging waste while also ensuring access to supplies for future events.
      4. Make a sustainable choice for event t-shirts by purchasing recycled cotton, organic cotton or shirts made from recycled plastic bottles.
      5. Buy local. Support the local economy and reduce travel distances for event supplies by purchasing locally produced products.
      6. Purchase materials from B Corporations in the area or Fair Trade Certified products that promote socially and environmentally responsible business practices.
    6. Innovate! What other ideas do you have for using sustainable materials at your event?
  5. Choose Food
    1. Eat Well: Plan to provide healthy food choices (whole grains, vegetables, fruit and proteins, etc.) for event participants
    2. Variety is Best: Plan to provide a variety of menu options to allow for vegetarian, vegan and allergen diets.
    3. Go a Step Further… (select all that apply)
      1. Choose local or organic and in-season produce.
      2. Utilize Fair Trade certified options in your menu planning.
      3. Buy in bulk. Purchase from a wholesale distributor to stretch your budget and reduce excess packaging.
      4. Switch up your meal plan to celebrate food culture from a different region.
      5. Choose a sustainable alternative to plastic forks and knives such as compostable tableware.
    4. Innovate! What other ideas do you have to make food and food service at your event more sustainable?
  6. Reduce Event Waste
    1. Call in the On-campus Experts: Evaluate your waste and recycling needs with event resources from Zero Waste Events or call 919.515.9421 to contact Waste Reduction and Recycling staff.
    2. Complete an online Service Request Form to request clearstream bins from Waste Reduction and Recycling.
    3. Go a Step Further… (select all that apply)
      1. Set zero waste goals your event can achieve. Recycle or compost >50% of event waste or compost 5 pizza boxes. A small goal is a starting point.
      2. Enlist several event volunteers for bin management. This ensures proper setup and attendee use of clearstream bins.
      3. Provide clear signage for disposal items at each waste station.
      4. Communicate zero waste goals and expectations to event volunteers and attendees.
      5. If using vendors at your event, notify them of zero waste standards and discuss their compliance. A “Dear Vendor” letter is available online.
      6. Minimize food-waste at your event by making an excess food donation plan.
    4. Innovate! What other ideas do you have for reducing waste at your event?
  7. Benefit the Community
    1. Move It: Include a physical activity to encourage attendees to move more for better health.
    2. Partner Up: Include a small service opportunity to benefit the community at your event. Consider a canned food or blood drive and incentivize participation with a reduced registration fee or thank you gift. Talk to local non-profits or service organizations for more ideas, resources and opportunities.
    3. Partner with an OIED campus community center or a similar community organization like the Military and Veteran Resource Center for your campus event.
    4. Innovate! What other ideas do you have for incorporating community stewardship into your event to benefit the community and sustainability?

  1. Spread the Word: Advertise the sustainability considerations of your event. Place sustainability-related signs at clearly visible locations and announce specific sustainability opportunities for event participants.
  2. Offer Rewards: Incentivize sustainable actions at your event. Offer prizes, recognition online or at the event, or reduced registration fees for vendors and attendees that make sustainable contributions.
  3. Reduce Event Waste: 
    1. Volunteers are utilized for waste management in order to ensure proper disposal of event waste at zero waste bins.
    2. Each waste station has a trained volunteer with a reference tool on what can and can’t be recycled or composted.

  1. Reduce Waste: 
    1. Wrap Up your Waste Reduction Efforts: Follow proper break down and return procedure of zero waste bins.
    2. Donate Extra Food: Reduce food waste at your event and donate any excess food to a local food bank or soup kitchen.
  2. Promote your Success: Spread the word about the success of your event’s zero waste and sustainability efforts on social media or other public communication medium.
  3. Evaluate Success: If evaluating your event, opt for an online survey rather than paper surveys.
  4. Say Thanks Sustainably: Show your appreciation to event attendees in a sustainable way. Send gift certificates, electronic or recycled thank you cards,  plants or consumables as a way to say thank you.

Certification step 2 – Submit certification

Complete the online form to obtain your sustainability score and certification.

Certification step 3 – Promote Your achievement

Be sure to use the certification as a way to promote your event, including displaying your Sustainable Event Certificate at the event and include it in press releases and/or media talking points. Questions:

Event NameSponsoring OrganizationCertification Level
Libraries All Staff Meeting, 10/11/2019NC State University LibrariesContributor
NC Food Council Gathering, 12/5/19-12/6/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Farm to Fork Charlotte 2019, 10/6/19 Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Farm to School Summit, 9/27/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Zamorano, 9/27/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Board Meeting, 9/9/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Innovation Lab, 9/3/19 Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contributor
CEFS Fellows Cookout 2019, 8/27/19 Agroecology Education Farm Champion
CEFS Facilitation Workshop, 8/6/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CommFoodStrat Mid-year Retreat, 7/16/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Carolina Meat Conference, 10/6/19/10/7/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Leadership and Civic Engagement Open House, 8/20/19Leadership and Civic EngagementChampion
North Carolina Local Food Council 3rd Board Meeting 2019, 8/21/19North Carolina Local Food CouncilChampion
Silvopasture Field Day, 7/25/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Community Food Strategies Facilitation Training East, 6/27/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
ACC Sports Sustainability Conference, 6/2/19 – 6/4/19NC State Athletics and University Sustainability OfficeChampion
CEFS Board Meeting, 6/4/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsContributor
RecFest, 8/18/19Wellness and RecreationSteward
Live. Explore. Restore. An IRC Sustainability Event, 3/30/19Inter-Residence CouncilSteward
North Carolina Local Food Council Meeting, 5/15/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Rural Faith Communities as Anchor Institutions Conference, 5/14/19-5/15/19Institute for Emerging IssuesSteward
Organic Commodities Field Day, 7/22/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsContributor
Farm Feast, 4/11/19NC State DiningChampion
Eastern Land Summit, 4/5/19CEFS/NC State Ag Economics DepartmentSteward
SailPack Oriental Intercollegiate Regatta, 4/13/19-4/14/19NC State SailingSteward
Rural Works Intern Orientation, 4/27/19Rural Works! (DASA)Contributor
Farm to Fork Sustainable Agriculture Lecture, 9/5/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Small Farm Unit Intro to Beekeeping Workshop, 5/14/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
SARE Fellows Tour of North Carolina, 6/10/19-6/14/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Mac and Keys, 3/21/19Kappa Kappa GammaChampion
2019 WRRI Annual Conference, 3/21/19-3/22/19WRRISteward
Environmental Justice Symposium, 4/20/19NC State StewardsContributor
Exploring Mental Health Experiences in the APIDA Community, 4/1/19Mental Health AmbassadorsSteward
CVM Open House, 3/30/19College of Veterinary MedicineContributor
Engineering Town Hall, 3/19/19Student GovernmentContributor
Racial Climate Town Hall, 3/6/19Student GovernmentSteward
Grad Issues Town Hall, 3/4/19Student GovernmentContributor
Student Fees Town Hall, 1/22/19Student GovernmentContributor
CEFS Financial Analysis and Budget Planning for Small Farmers Workshop, 3/20/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Triangle Farm To Fork, 6/2/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Farm Tour, 5/24/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Meeting, 4/10/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Blueberry Pruning Workshop, 2/13/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Electric Vehicle Show, 4/22/19Centennial Campus, Sustainability and NC Clean Energy Technology CenterContributor
Operation:Wellness, 1/9/19Student GovernmentSteward
19th Annual AEES Meeting, 6/4/19-6/6/19Biological & Agricultural EngineeringSteward
Sustainability Connections, 1/9/19Student GovernmentSteward
CEFS Board Meeting, 1/10/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Farm to Early Care and Education Collaborative Kickoff, 1/29/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Community Food Strategies Regional Gathering, 2/1/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Level I Racial Equity Training, 2/5/19-2/6/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Farm to Early Childcare and Education Learning Session I, 2/26/19 and 2/28/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Racial Equity Training, 4/2/19 and 4/11/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Farm to Early Childcare and Education Learning Session II, 5/14/19 and 5/16/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Farm to Early Childcare and Education, 10/10/19Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Celebration of NC State Sustainability, 4/3/19Sustainability CouncilSteward
Earth Fair, 4/22/19University Sustainability OfficeChampion
Make-a-thon, 2/1-3/19Make-a-thon Planning CommitteeSteward
Cocoa and Convo, 1/14/19Student GovernmentContributor

Event NameSponsoring OrganizationCertification Level
Farm to Fork Sustainable Agriculture Lecture, 12/6/18Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Innovations in Economic Development through Local Foods, 12/3/18Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Innovations in Economic Development through Local Foods, 12/7/18Center for Environmental Farming SystemsSteward
Pack Your Portfolio, 11/27/18Student GovernmentChampion
AG Bash, 11/7/18Kappa DeltaChampion
Post-Election Decompression Den, 11/7/18Student GovernmentContributor
Sustainability Fund Showcase, 11/6/18Sustainability Fund (DASA)Steward
Environmental Science Program Mixer, 11/7/18FER Leadership BoardSteward
Red and White Week, 10/28-11/3/18NC State Alumni AssociationSteward
Campout, 10/19/18NC State Student GovernmentContributor
2018 SailPack Women’s Intercollegiate Regatta, 9/29/18NC State SailingSteward
All Carolinas Meal, 9/26/18NC State DiningChampion
Meet and Treat, 8/27/18Student GovernmentSteward
Small Town Welcome, 8/23/18Division of Academic and Student AffairsSteward
Respect the Pack, 8/21/18Student GovernmentContributor
Campus Connections, 8/21/18NC State Student InvolvementSteward
RecFest, 8/19/18NC State Wellness and RecreationSteward
Leadership and Civic Engagement Open House, 8/21/18Leadership and Civic EngagementSteward
Sustainability Partners 2018-2019 (12 events)Sustainability Office and Staff SenateContributor
Packapalooza, 8/25/18NC StateChampion
Moonlight Howl and Run, 8/20/18Wellness and Recreation / NC State DiningSteward
Cookout and Cornhole Tournament, 6/15/18Division of Academic and Student AffairsSteward
Facilities Division Appreciation Breakfast, 5/23/18Facilities DivisionSteward
Trillium Sustainability Workshop, 5/16/18Sustainability OfficeSteward
Thought and Did: CSLEPS End of the Year Award Ceremony, 4/27/18CSLEPSContributor
Rural Works! Orientation, 4/28/18Rural Works!Steward
Paddle and Popsicles, 8/25/18University Recreation, Outdoor AdventuresContributor
Administrative Services III Picnic, 4/12/18Facilities DivisionSteward
SailPack Oriental Intercollegiate Regatta, 3/31-4/1/18Sailing Club at NC StateSteward
Shamrock and Score, 3/24/18Kappa Delta SororitySteward
Sprouting Connections, 4/18/18Student GovernmentSteward
Celebration of NC State Sustainability, 4/26/18Sustainability CouncilChampion
International Festival at NC State, 3/23/18 Contributor
Earth Fair, 4/4/18Sustainability OfficeSteward
Community Bike Ride from the Gregg Museum to the NCMA,
Gregg Museum of Art and Design at NC State UniversityChampion
20th WRRI Annual Conference, 3/14-3/15/18WRRI at NC StateSteward
Sisterhood Dinner, 2/26/18Council on the Status of WomenContributor
CEFS Holiday Party, 1/24/18Center for Environmental Farming SystemsSteward
Organic Business Planning for Extension Agents , 1/29/18Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Make-a-thon, 1/26-1/28/18Make-a-thon Planning CommitteeSteward

Event NameSponsoring OrganizationCertification Level
Holiday Luncheon, 12/5/17Energy SystemsContributor
Administrative Services III Chili Cook Off, 12/11/17Facilities DivisionContributor
Halloween Compost Pumpkin Toss, 11/3/17NC State StewardsContributor
NC Farm to Early Care and Education Meeting, 11/15/17Center for Environmental Farming SystemsSteward
Community Conversation: Student Food and Housing Security, 10/27/17University Sustainability Office and partnersSteward
Sustainability Habits Workshop, 11/8/17NC State StewardsSteward
Red and White Week, 10/30-11/4/17NC State Alumni Association Student AmbassadorsContributor
Electric Car Show, 10/18/17Sustainability Office and PlugIn NCContributor
Sustainability Fund Showcase, 11/15/17NC State Sustainability FundSteward
Pig n’ Pie, 10/21/17Kappa DeltaSteward
CEFS 2017 Meet & Eat Series, Fall 2017Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Food Council Statewide Gathering, 11/30-12/1/17Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS January Board Meeting, 1/30/18Center for Environmental Farming SystemsSteward
All CEFS Meeting, 2/23/18Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Campout, 10/20-21/17Student GovernmentSteward
CNR Fall Fest, 10/30/17College of Natural ResourcesContributor
Chi Omega Pancake Dinner, 9/27/17Chi OmegaContributor
Sustainability Fair, 10/12/17Sustainability Department CommitteeContributor
Blue Zone Dinner, 9/15/17NC State DiningSteward
SailPack Women’s Intercollegiate Regatta, 9/16/17Sailing Club at NC StateSteward
USGBC Career Panel: Advancing Your Green Career, 9/12/17NCSU USGBC Student GroupContributor
Sundae Funday, 8/27/17Triad RAsSteward
Fall Retreat, 8/25-8/27/17CNR Engaging LeadersContributor
Shack-a-thon, 9/18/17NC State Habitat for Humanity ChapterContributor
Eclipse Day Celebration, 8/21/17College of SciencesSteward
Agroecology Farm Dinner, 10/6/17Center for Environmental Farming SystemsSteward
Welcome Back Picnic, 8/21/17American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) at NC StateContributor
Packapalooza, 8/19/17NC StateChampion
New Student Orientation Welcome Reception, June – July 2017RAVE! EventsChampion
“Get The Scoop” with CSLEPS Open House, 8/17/17CSLEPS/td>Steward
Gregg Museum of Art & Design Grand Re-Opening, 8/26/17Arts NC StateChampion
CEFS Farm to Childcare Learning Session, 10/4/17Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS State Food Policy Council, 6/26/17Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Apprenticeship Orientation, 5/26/17Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
How to be a Sustainable Conscious Consumer, 4/27/17CSLEPSChampion
Pastured Pork and Poultry Walk, Demonstration, and Intensive for Beginning Farmers , 4/20/17Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Earth Day Free Expression Tunnel Painting, 4/17/17NC State StewardsContributor
Spring Tailgate, 4/5/17Delta GammaContributor
All CEFS Meeting, 9/8/17Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Farm to Fork Picnic, 6/2-4/17Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Rooted in Community National Conference , 7/19-23/17Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Carolina Meat Conference, 9/25-26/17Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
CEFS Board Retreat , 5/10-11/17Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Celebration of NC State Sustainability, 4/20/17Sustainability CouncilChampion
Lunch and Learn: Sustainability at CREE, 4/7/17Net ImpactSteward
All CEFS Meeting, 3/17/17Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
NC Coastal Conference, 4/4-5/17NC Sea GrantChampion
Earth Fair, 4/5/17University Sustainability OfficeChampion
Mason Pharr Seminar, 3/30/17Horticultural Science Graduate Student AssociationChampion
International Festival, 3/31/17Student InvolvementSteward
SailPack Oriental Intercollegiate Regatta, 4/1-2/17Sailing Club at NC StateSteward
19th WRRI Annual Conference , 3/15-16/17WRRIChampion
Oak City Revolution, 3/25/17NCSU EktaaChampion
Recognition Luncheon, 3/6/17Facilities DivisionContributor
Wolfpack Way of Life: NC State Wellness Fair, 2/23/17University Recreation and University Human ResourcesSteward
Sisterhood Dinner, 2/27/17Council on the Status of WomenSteward
Run. Dance. Glow. 3/25/17NC State Inter-Residence CouncilChampion
Visions for Sports Sustainability and Wellness at NC State, 2/6/17Wolfpack Environmental Student AssociationSteward
NileFEST, 3/21/17NC State LIVEChampion
Make-a-thon, 2/2-2/5/17Make-a-thon Planning CommitteeChampion
Krispy Kreme Challenge, 2/4/17NC State Park ScholarsSteward
Stewards Retreat, 1/8/17NC State StewardsSteward
Sustainability Council Meeting, 1/27/17NC State Sustainability CouncilSteward

Event NameSponsoring OrganizationCertification Level
COM466 Big Food Night, 12/15/16COM466Champion
CEFS Meeting, 12/9/16Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Pig N Pie, 11/12/16Kappe Delta and Sigma PiChampion
FoodCon 2016, 11/11/16NC State Net ImpactChampion
Red and White Week, 10/23-29/16NC State Alumni Association Student AmbassadorsSteward
STEAM² Career Expo, 10/18/16College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, and the College of Natural ResourcesSteward
Farmscale Vermicomposting Workshop , 8/31/16Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
20th Annual Return to Raleigh Picnic, 7/23/16NC State Alumni AssociationSteward
National Drive Electric Week Centennial Celebration, 9/16/16Advanced Energy and University Sustainability OfficeSteward
Sustainable Transportation Showcase, 9/14/16University Sustainability Office, Staff Senate, University Recreation, NC Clean Energy Technology CenterSteward
SAISA SailPack Women’s Regatta , 9/17-18/16Sailing Club at NC State / SailPack FoundationChampion
Tough Howler, 10/27/16University RecreationChampion
WISE + EcoVillage Welcome Lunch , 8/11/16WISE and EcoVillage Living and Learning CommunitiesChampion
Moonlight Howl & Run , 8/15/16University Recreation and University DiningChampion
Packapalooza, 8/20/16NC State UniversityChampion
Silent Disco, 8/19/16Inter-Residence CouncilSteward
Chillin’ and Grillin’ 8/16/16Inter-Residence Council and Interfraternity CouncilSteward
RecFest, 8/14/16University RecreationChampion
Cover Crop Conference, 7/17-19/16Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Juntos Summer Academy, 6/20-6/24/16JuntosSteward
Business Services Spring Lunch, 5/24/16Facilities Operations Business ServicesSteward
West Campus Last Day of Classes Party, 4/25/16Tri-VillagesChampion
Big Food Night, 4/26/16COM 466 ClassChampion
Postharvest Handling for Enhanced Shelf Life Workshop, 4/4/16Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Postharvest Handling for Enhanced Shelf Life Workshop, 4/6/16Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Good Agricultural Practices One-Day Workshop: Navigating the USDA GAP Audit , 4/4/16Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Aquaculture Tour for Extension Educators, 4/13/16Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Green Brick Awards, 4/15/16Sustainability Council and CESTChampion
Earth Fair, 4/13/16University Sustainability OfficeSteward
NC Growing Together Apprenticeship Orientation , 5/20/16Center For Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Farm to Fork , 6/3-5/16Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Southern SARE Cover Crop Conference 2016 , 7/17-19/16Center for Environmental Farming SystemsChampion
Dash for Trash, 4/10/16NC State StudentsSteward
Service Raleigh, 4/9/16Service RaleighChampion
Eta Omicron Cookout , 4/9/16Eta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity IncorporatedChampion
Rubbage Ride, 4/9/16Sustainability Office, Waste Reduction and Recycling, Transportation Office, Grounds ManagementChampion
WRRI Annual Conference and NCWRA Symposium , 3/17-18/16Water Resources Research Institute of the UNC SystemChampion
Shamrock ‘N Score , 3/19/16Kappa Delta SororityChampion
Just for Me: Sustainability Edition , 4/21/16African American Faculty and Staff OrganizationChampion
Live & Local: Earth Day 2016 , 4/9/16Hillsborough Street Community Service CorporationChampion
Enhancing Farm Profitability Workshop, 2/9/16Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS)Champion
Oak City Revolution, 4/2/16EktaaSteward
Design Day, 3/14/16Engineer’s CouncilContributor
Make-A-Thon, 2/19-2/21/16NCSU Libraries, University Housing, Sustainability OfficeChampion
Enhancing Farm Profitability Workshop, 1/19/16Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS)Champion
Sisterhood Dinner, 2/19/16Council on the Status of WomenChampion
Sustainability Town Hall, 1/20/16Sustainability CouncilChampion
NC State Stewards Retreat, 1/5/16NC State StewardsChampion

Event NameSponsoring OrganizationCertification Level
Facilities Recognition LuncheonFacilities DivisionSteward
Pancake DinnerChi OmegaContributor
Composting Workshop, 10/29/15Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS)Champion
Packapalooza, 8/22/15NC StateChampion
NC State Homecoming, 10/25/15-10/31/15Alumni Association Student Ambassador ProgramChampion
Harrelson Hall Farewell Tour , 10/30/15NC State Alumni Association- Wake County NetworkSteward
Sciences, Sustainability and Environmental Career Fair, 10/20/15Career Development CenterSteward
Altnerative Vehicle Showcase, 10/14/15Staff Senate, University Recreation, Energy Management, Sustainability Office, TransportationSteward
Sustainability in Teaching Academy, 10/8/15Office of Faculty DevelopmentSteward
Business Sustainability Collaborative Launch, 9/21/15Poole College Business Sustainability CollaborativeChampion
Talley Student Union Tour, 9/18/15Wake County Alumni AssociationContributor
Stand Up That Mountain Panel Discussion, 8/28/15Poole College Business Sustainability CollaborativeSteward
Welcome Lunch, 8/13/15EcoVillage, WISE Village and West Campus HousingSteward
RecFest, 8/16/15University RecreationChampion
Environmental Sciences Connections and Fall Social, 8/18/15Environmental Sciences Academic ProgramChampion
Business Services Employee Appreciation Cookout, 5/19/15Facilities Business ServicesChampion
Southeastern Sustainability Network, 6/15/15-6/17/15University Sustainability OfficeChampion
End of Year West Campus Party, 4/24/15University Housing and EcoVillageChampion
Earth Fair, 4/22/15University Sustainability OfficeChampion
Green Brick Awards, 4/17/15Campus Environmental Sustainability TeamChampion
Farm Feast, 4/22/15University DiningChampion
State Energy Conference, 4/21/15-4/22/15NC State University and partnersChampion
12th Annual On the Dock of the Bay, 5/2/15Eastern 4-H CenterChampion
WESAcat, 4/4/15Wolfpack Environmental Student AssociationChampion
East Coast Grounds Managers and Landscape Architect’s Conference, 6/2-6/4/15Grounds and Fleet Services and Office of University ArchitectChampion
New Employee Orientation, monthlyOnBoarding CenterChampion
Krispy Kreme Challenge, 2/14/15Park ScholarsChampion

Event Name Sponsoring Organization Certification Level
Recognition Luncheon, 12/12/14 Facilities Division Contributor
Industry Speaker: Bruno Sarda from Dell, 11/20/14  Poole College of Management Sustainability Initiative Steward
Sustainability in Research Seminar, 12/1/14  Poole College of Management Sustainability Initiative Contributor
Zero Waste Event Planning Workshop, 11/13/14  Poole College of Management Sustainability Initiative Steward
Faculty Workshop: Building Sustainability into Your Courses, 11/10/14  Poole College of Management Sustainability Initiative Steward
Poole College Sustainability Initiative Industry Speaker: Shawn Heath from Duke Energy, 11/4/14  Poole College of Management Sustainability Initiative Steward
Lunch ‘N’ Learn Series Featuring Mark Schmidt, 11/5/14  Poole College of Management Sustainability Initiative and Net Impact Steward
Homecoming, 11/2-8/14 Alumni Association Student Ambassador Program Champion
Halloween Potluck, 10/30/14 SOUL Garden, WESA and Slow Foods Champion
NC State Brewery Tour, 10/23/14 NC State Alumni Association: Young Alumni Steward
NC State More Than Money Careers Workshop, 10/22/14 Poole College of Management Sustainability Initiative Contributor
STS 323Q Hunger Banquet 12/2/14  FYC/Crop Science/Sustainability Office Champion
Repair and Renovation Chili Cook Off, 10/10/14 Repair and Renovation Steward
CEFS Lecture and Reception, 10/18/14 Center for Environmental Farming Systems Champion
CEFS Soilbration, 10/17/14 Center for Environmental Farming Systems Champion
CEFS Board Meeting, 10/16 and 10/18/14 Center for Environmental Farming Systems Champion
Tri-Towers Energy Challenge Kickoff, 9/30/14 NC State Stewards Steward
Center for Geospatial Analytics Forum, weekly event NC State Center for Geospatial Analytics Champion
Alternative Vehicle Showcase, 10/15/14 Staff Senate, University Sustainability Office, Energy Management Champion
Fall Student Social, 8/26/14 Environmental Sciences Program Champion
Poole College Green Event Planning Workshop, 7/24/14 Poole College of Management Sustainability Initiative Steward
West Campus End of Year Picnic, 4/23/14 West Campus Housing and Villages Contributor
Earth Day Stressbuster, 4/23/14 NC State Earth Month Planning Committee Steward
Earth Fair, 4/9/14 NC State Earth Month Planning Committee Champion
Community Forest Stewardship Workshop, 4/2/14 NCSU Forestry and Environmental Outreach Program Contributor
Repair & Renovation Services Quarterly Luncheon, 5/2/14 Repair & Renovation Services Steward
Center for Environmental Farming Systems Reception, 3/18/14  CEFS Champion
Open House, 3/29/14 College of Veterinary Medicine Steward
Center for Environmental Farming Systems Board Meeting, 2/11/14 CEFS Steward
Center for Environmental Farming Systems Reception, 2/12/14 CEFS Champion
Krispy Kreme Challenge, 2/8/14 Park Scholars Champion

Event Name Sponsoring Organization Certification Level
NC Exports Wood Conference, 11/13-15/13 NCSU Forestry & Environmental Outreach Program Steward
Recognition Luncheon, 12/13/13 NC State Facilities Division Steward
Homecoming, 10/27/13-11/2/13 NC State Alumni Association Student Ambassadors Champion
Repair & Renovation Services Quarterly Luncheon, 10/25/13 Repair & Renovation Services Steward
Building Liaison Briefings, 10/28/13 and 10/30/13 Facilities Division Contributor
Campout, 10/18/13 Student Government Steward
Alternative Vehicle Showcase, 10/2/13 Staff Senate, University Sustainability Office, Energy Management Steward
Latinos Beyond the Reel Movie and Discussion Panel, 9/18/13 Diversity Commission Student Government Contributor
Fall Potluck Social, 9/17/13 Environmental Sciences Academic Program Steward
Farm to Fork Picnic, 6/9/13  Center for Environmental Farming Systems Champion
Repair & Renovation Quarterly Luncheon, 5/17/13  Repair & Renovation Steward
UGSA Spring Picnic, 5/5/13  University Graduate Student Association Champion
PackFest, 4/20/13  Union Activities Board Champion
Farm Feast, 4/18/13  University Dining Champion
Earth Day Celebration, 4/17/13  University Sustainability Office Champion
Grow Your Wellness, 4/16/13  Student Health and University Recreation Steward
Taste of NC State, 4/5/13  Union Activities Board Steward
Krispy Kreme Challenge, 2/9/13  K2 Challenge Champion

Event Name Sponsoring Organization Certification Level
Facilities Ladies Luncheon, 12/19/12  Facilities Division Steward
Annual Recognition Luncheon, 12/19/12  Facilities Division Steward
Student Health Center Holiday Lucheon, 12/18/12  Staff Enrichment — Student Health Steward
CNR Holiday Reception, 12/11/12  College of Natural Resources Champion
Cates Utility Plant Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony, 11/14/12  Facilities Division Steward
Sustainability in Agriculture Bayer Executive Course, 11/12-14/2012 CALS Office of Sustainability Champion
9th Biennial Longleaf Alliance Conference, 10/22-10/26/12 Forestry & Environmental Outreach Program Steward
Farm to Fork Reception  Agroecology Education Farm Champion
Campus Sustainability Day 2012  University Sustainability Office Champion
Council on Forest Engineering Annual Meeting  Council on Forest Engineering Steward
CVM Graduate Student Welcome Reception  College of Veterinary Medicine Steward
Green Meeting/Events Workshop  University Sustainability Office Champion
RecFest 2012  University Recreation Champion
Packapalooza – Hospitality Tent Champion
 CEFS Board Meeting  Center for Environmental Farming Systems  Steward
 Bearcat Beatdown  NC State Athletics  Steward
Facilities Operations Unit/Departmental Goal Retreat  Facilities Operations Steward
Sustainability Interchange Steward
Campus Sustainability Day  University Sustainability Office Champion
Facilities Division Recognition Luncheon  Facilities Division Steward
CEFS Board Meeting  Center for Environmental Farming Systems Steward
Stihl Timbersports Competition College of Natural Resources’ Forestry & Environmental Outreach Program Champion
CEFS Field Day  Center for Environmental Farming Systems Champion
Farm to Fork Picnic  Center for Environmental Farming Systems  Champion
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Showcase  Staff Senate Steward
Field Day on Centennial Campus  University Recreation Champion
NC State Earth Day Celebration on the Brickyard  University Sustainability Office Champion
NC State Earth Day Concert   University Sustainability Office Champion
Change Your State Challenge Stress Buster  University Sustainability Office Steward
Green Brick Awards Ice Cream Social  Campus Environmental Sustainability Team Champion
Evolving Textiles: Competition. Innovation. Transformation.  College of Textiles Steward