Sustainable Event Certification

A sustainable event certification offers campus event planners the opportunity to be recognized for sustainable event planning.

Criteria for certification includes the following categories: food, waste, purchasing, education, marketing, transportation, energy and water, service, innovation. The certification levels allow for recognition across many areas and regardless of event type (see scoring explanation). Certification Levels available:

  • Contributor (25% – 49% of total survey points)
  • Steward (50% – 74% of total survey points)
  • Champion (75% or more of total points)
Certification step 1 – Incorporate sustainability

Use the resources below to integrate sustainability before, during and after your event. The online certification form uses a point-based system to evaluate the event based on your incorporation of the following sustainability practices.

Certification step 2 – Submit certification

Complete the online form to obtain your sustainability score and certification.

Certification step 3 – Promote Your achievement

Be sure to use the certification as a way to promote your event, including displaying your Sustainable Event Certificate at the event and include it in press releases and/or media talking points. Questions:

Event NameSponsoring OrganizationCertification Level
Holiday After Party, 1/12/22Center for Environmental Farming SystemsSteward
Harnessing the Data Revolution for Resilient Agriculture, 12/6/21Center for Environmental Farming SystemsSteward
CEFS Advisory Board Meeting, 1/19/21 Center for Environmental Farming Systems Steward
CEFS-EMFS Regional Seminar, 12/3/21Center for Environmental Farming SystemsSteward
 NCSU-USDA Hackathon, 10/8/21-10/10/21Center for Environmental Farming Systems Steward
All CEFS Meeting, 10/29/2021Center for Environmental Farming SystemsSteward
CALS Tailgate, 9/18/2021College of Agriculture and Life SciencesSteward
Small Farm Unit Tour, 9/10/2021 Center for Environmental Farming Systems Steward
EMFS Regional Seminar, 8/9/2021Center for Environmental Farming SystemsContributor
ASPIRE Farewell Dinner and Research Symposium, 7/29/2021Center for Environmental Farming SystemsContributor
CEFS Organic Commodities Field Day, 8/4/2021Center for Environmental Farming SystemsContributor
ASPIRE Internship Welcome Dinner, 5/24/2021College of Agriculture and Life SciencesSteward
CEFS Intern Orientation, 5/24/2021Center for Environmental Farming SystemsContributor