NC State Stewards

NC State Stewards

Students promoting sustainability on campus.

Applications Closed March 31 for Stewards Program for Academic Year 2021-2022. The next application period is in spring 2022.

Supported by the University Sustainability Office, NC State Stewards are sustainability student leaders, moving NC State to a brighter, stronger and more sustainable future. 

our mission

The mission of the NC State Stewards is to fulfill the vision of a more sustainable campus, community and world by encouraging individuals to adopt more sustainable practices. NC State Stewards are trained to promote sustainable actions on campus and among their peers so that environmental, social and economic responsibility is cultivated at NC State. 

what we do

NC State Stewards host workshops, presentations and campus events. The Stewards meet weekly to form and work on teams charged with creating and implementing sustainable initiatives for the campus. The Stewards are unpaid positions that are supported by the University Sustainability Office with access to university resources.


I will carry the sustainable practices and leadership skills that I have learned from my fellow Stewards to all of my future endeavors.

Former Steward


Leading Sustainable Change

Three graduating students in the NC State Stewards program leave behind a legacy of sustainability impact.

This program has not only shaped my role on campus and the impact I have on the environment, but it has shaped me as a person and the steps that I take to be more sustainable. I truly feel like I am making a difference with this organization.

Former Steward