Change Your State

Our actions impact our lives, our community and our world. Change Your State offers ideas on simple, everyday actions that can make the world a more sustainable place. How we use and discard resources, eat, travel and take care of ourselves — it all adds up to a healthier you, NC State and world.

What You Can Do


Try these tips:

Eat local food to support local farmers and reduce environmental costs of transporting food.

Watch your waste since an estimated 40 percent of food in the United States is wasted.

Mind the meat to reduce water, energy and land use costs associated with meat production.

What NC State Is Doing

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Try these tips:

Hit the switch when you leave an empty room. Lighting accounts for 15 percent of energy use.

Pull the plug to prevent electronics from using energy when not in use.

Shut the sash of lab fume hoods, one of the biggest energy wasters on campus.

What NC State is Doing 

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Try these tips:

Bring your own cup, bottle or mug to reduce use of single-use disposable items.

Recycle to help make the world a cleaner, less wasteful place.

Pack a bag to avoid using a single-use plastic or paper bag.

What NC State is Doing

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Try these tips:

Ride the Wolfline campus bus system for an efficient, quick trip around campus.

Ride a bike to cruise quickly around campus while also exercising and contributing to healthier air.

Ride in a carpool to save gas, reduce air pollution and build community.

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Try these tips:

Get moving at least 30 minutes a day for a more sustainable you.

Toss the toxins from personal care or household products for a healthier you.

Taste the difference that drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables can have on your body.

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Try these tips:

Shorten your shower to save about 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

Turn off the tap while shaving, brushing teeth or any other time when you’re not actually using water.

Fix leaks fast to save gallons (report campus leaks).

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