Sustainability In Fraternities and Sororities

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Becoming a sustainable university takes every wolf in the Pack. NC State’s 50 fraternity and sorority organizations have the opportunity to make a large impact. More than 3,000 students are fraternity and sorority members. Use the resources below to integrate sustainability into your chapter’s programs and activities.


Certify Events Sustainable


Certify Your Chapter Sustainable


Request a Presentation About Sustainability


Browse Sustainability-Related Service Opportunities



Incorporate Sustainability At Your Chapter Events


Recycle and Compost

NC State's Waste Reduction and Recycling Office can provide portable recycling and composting bins at no charge. Request this service

Sustainable Shirts

Purchase shirts featuring sustainable material -- such as organic cotton, locally-grown cotton or polyester blends made of recycled plastic bottles.

Go Reusable

Brainstorm purchases that you can use repeatedly instead of using just once.


Incorporate Sustainability At Your Chapter House


Save water

Shorten your showers, turn off the tap when water isn't needed and fix leaks fast. More tips

Save energy

Hit the switch and pull the plug on the way to saving money and energy. More tips


Want to boost recycling at your house? Request a site analysis from NC State's Waste Reduction and Recycling Office.


Incorporate Sustainability At Your Chapter Tailgates



The Zero Waste Wolfpack program makes it easy. Collect cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles in a clear bag. Tie the bag, leave it on the ground and staff will pick it up after the game.

Share the ride

Carpool or take the Red Terror Bus Service to the tailgating lot.

Reduce Use of Foam and Plastic

If reusable plates, cups and cutlery aren't an option, opt for paper products over plastic and foam. Paper tends to have a smaller environmental impact.