Holiday Energy Savings Initiative

Since 2005, NC Stateā€™s Holiday Energy Savings Initiative (HESI) has safely lowered building temperatures and campus energy use during the winter holiday period when the university is closed for about 10 consecutive days. During the 2017-18 Holiday Energy Savings Initiative, building temperature set points will be lowered in unoccupied buildings, saving natural gas and electricity and thereby avoiding utility costs.



The dates of the program vary depending on type of building. Temperatures in classrooms and teaching labs will be adjusted Dec. 14 (after final exams) through Jan. 7 (the day before spring semester classes begin). Temperatures in residence halls will be impacted Dec. 16-Jan.2 while those buildings are closed to students. All other university buildings not exempt from the program will have temperatures set back while the university is officially closed Dec. 23 through Jan. 1. See calendar for more details



Campus research labs and occupied support spaces are excluded from this program, and a process is in place for the campus community to request an exemption from the program for other spaces. If your building should be exempt from this energy-saving program, you have until Wednesday, Dec. 6 to request this exemption.

Request Exemption


How You Can Help

In addition to the temperature setbacks, the campus community can save energy by taking the steps below:

  • Turn off lights and office/lab equipment
  • Unplug non-essential electronics (printers, coffee makers, etc.)
  • Clean out and unplug office refrigerators
  • Close lab fume hoods
  • Shut exterior windows and doors




The Holiday Energy Savings Initiative is coordinated by NC State Energy Management.