NC State University’s month-long emphasis on the planet, sustainability and how you can make the world a better place. April’s Earth Month calendar is shaping up, and there are numerous ways to get involved including the 30 Days, 30 Ways Challenge.

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What the Elephants Are Saying

April 4, 7 p.m., Witherspoon Cinema
Dr. Peter Wrege, Director of the Elephant Listening Project at Cornell University, is featured. Learn more >>>

State of the Sciences: Museum Takeover

April 8, 6 pm, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Celebrate the fascinating work of NC State scientists with private tours, local craft beer and hands-on demonstrations at the College’s annual State of the Sciences event. The 2016 edition will be a family-friendly takeover of the Nature Research Center at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences featuring stargazing, laboratory tours and interactive experiments for science lovers of all ages. The event will be open to the public and free for College of Sciences alumni. More details >>>
Sponsored by the College of Sciences

Rubbage Ride

April 9, 8:30 am, NC State Carmichael Recreation Center
Help beautify campus by bike as part of this unique litter pick up event. More details >>>
Sponsored by Service Raleigh, NC State Waste Reduction and Recycling, and University Sustainability Office

Sustainability in Research Seminar Series

April 12, 3 – 4 pm
Joel Gehman, Assistant Professor Strategic Management & Organization at the University of Alerta’s Alberta School of Business, speaks on B Corporations.
Sponsored by Poole College of Management’s Business Sustainability Collaborative

2015_earth_fair_logoEarth Fair

April 13, 10 am – 2 pm, Brickyard
An epic, Earth-focused fair on Earth Day with dozens of exhibits, demonstrations and ideas on how you can make the world a better place. This event is registered as an NC Science Festival event.
Sponsored by University Sustainability Office

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2015_green_brick_logoGreen Brick Awards Recognition Breakfast

April 15, 9 am, Witherspoon Student Center Room 126
A celebration of campus sustainability achievements and the year’s most outstanding contributors to advancing sustainability at NC State. By invitation only.
Sponsored by the Campus Environmental Sustainability Team

Great Animal Orchestra

April 17, 4 p.m., Stewart Theater in Talley Student Union
An exciting, thought-provoking and moving look at humans, animals, the environment and the relationship between them all. NC State’s music department and Raleigh Civic Symphony team up for this special concert. More details >>>
Sponsored by Arts NC State

State Energy Conference

April 20-21, McKimmon Center
“Connecting NC’s Diverse Energy Economy” includes workshop tracks on solar and wind, bioenergy, new opportunities for traditional energy sources, advanced energy technology and innovations, and building energy efficiency. Attendees will benefit from more than 75 expert speakers, receive professional continuing education credits, and network with industry leaders.Registration is required >>>

Farm Feast

April 21, 4:30 – 8:30 pm, Outside of Fountain Dining Hall
A bountiful feast of local, sustainable food all hailing from the Carolinas. One of University Dining’s most delicious meals of the year.
Sponsored by University Dining

College of Veterinary Medicine Open House

April 23, 9 am – 3 pm, 1060 William Moore Drive (CVM Campus)
Visit NC State Veterinary Medicine for a day filled with animal friends, fun and interesting information about the connections between animal and human health. Learn more >>>
Sponsored by College of Veterinary Medicine

Pack N Give

Begins April 20, Various locations
The Wolf Pack N Give program diverts the materials often discarded from the large exodus of students at the end of each year. University Housing and NC State’s Waste Reduction and Recycling collaborate to reduce waste during this period. By collecting what would have gone into the landfill, organizing the valuable items, and donating them to local organizations, “re-use” becomes a win-win. More information >>>
Sponsored by Waste Reduction and Recycling and University Housing

Take Action

Earth Month is the perfect time to start changing your state of mind. Take the 30 Days, 30 Ways Challenge in April.

Day 1 – Hit the Switch

Think this is just about saving energy? Turns out it matters a lot to your health too

Day 2 – Cycle Safe

Riding a bike is awesome but crashing isn’t. Your guide to safe cycling

Day 3 – Eat Fresh

Fresh food does your body good. Try these recipes (yes, even you can make them)

Day 4 – Equip Your Car

Want to visit the gas station less? Here’s how to boost your car’s MPGs

Day 5 – Get Moving

A more sustainable you is an active you. How to stay fit if you work a desk job (or study a lot), how to exercise at home, and how to workout in just 15 minutes

Day 6 – Turn off the Tap

Wat’er you doing to conserve water? Here are easy ways to save

Day 7 – Bring your own cup

Not only are reusable water bottles seriously cool but they can help change the planet too

Day 9 – Drink Water

Water may not be as exciting to gulp down, but here are 6 wonders water does for your body

Day 10 – Swap Out Bulbs

Confused on which bulbs save the most energy? We shine a light on bulb buying

Day 11 – Shop for Local Food

Homegrown is often cheaper and fresher, so go loco for local food

Day 12 – Make Your Own Cleaning Products

When you make it yourself, you might be avoiding toxins while at the same time saving money. Try this recipe for laundry detergent

Day 13 – Bring a Bag

When you’re out shopping, bring a reusable bag instead of using plastic bags. We found some stylish ones you can make and tons of reasons why they’re better than plastic

Day 14 – Clean Your Plate

We waste a lot of food in this country, so make sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach, especially in campus dining halls

Day 15 – Recycle

We’ll help by answering your toughest blue bin questions — 5 surprising things that are recyclable on campus and 5 things that actually aren’t recyclable on campus.

Day 16 – Buy Used

Why buy a new product when you can save money and reduce waste by buying used? Check out 9 items that make sense to buy used

Day 17 – Reduce Your Water Footprint

But what exactly is a water footprint and why does it matter?

Day 18 – Give Back

Help improve your community and make it a more thriving, sustainable place. Turns out, serving others does your body good

Day 19 – Save Water in the Shower

Your daily shower might be your biggest use of water all day. But you have the power to save

Day 20 – Walk More

The fast track to a more sustainable you is as easy as walking more. And there are easy ways to incorporate more walking in your day

Day 21 – Grow Your Own Food

You’ve never tasted fresher food than what you can grow at home. Bonus: gardening can save you mega-bucks at the grocery store

Day 22 – Fix Leaks Fast

You won’t believe how much water waste there is in leaks. Learn how to sleuth them out and fix them fast

Day 23 – Make Your Laundry Leaner

The average U.S. household does 400+ loads of laundry a year. Here’s your laundry guide to saving energy, water and money

Day 24 – Drive Less

The less you use your car, the more money you’ll save. Use this guide for getting started with alternative transportation

Day 25 – Adjust Your Computer to Save Energy

Most of us use computers (and lots of energy) every day. Simple changes to your computer can reap big energy rewards

Day 26 – Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a great way to save money and reduce packaging waste. These items have the biggest bulk bang for your buck

Day 27 – Pull the Plug

There are items in your house that are secretly driving up your energy bill. Find and slay the ‘phantom’ load today

Day 28 – Go Paperless

Sure, paper has its place. But technology is creating an easier, more paperless place

Day 29 – Eat in Season

Eating in season is healthier and can save you money. Check out our quick guide for buying fruits and veggies in season

Day 30 – Use Natural Light

Research shows a little sunshine does your body good. See all the benefits of using more natural light

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