Earth Month

April is Earth Month at NC State. This month-long emphasis on the planet, sustainability and how we can make the world a better place is hosted by NC State’s Sustainability Council and University Sustainability Office.

The purpose of Earth Month at NC State is to:

  • Introduce the campus community to sustainability efforts
  • Increase awareness and understanding of sustainability
  • Create opportunities for collaboration, engagement and activities that further sustainability
  • Encourage event attendees to examine their role in improving sustainability
Group of students pose together making the Wolfpack sign.

Earth Fair

Wednesday, April 10
11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Stafford Commons

Nick Berinson, Colin Lawler and Mallory Padgett hold their 1st place trophy for ISE 2022 Design Day

Celebration of Sustainability

Tuesday, April 23
9:00 am – 10:30 am

Former stewards and students gather in raleigh founded on Centennial Campus for a sustainability social hour

Sustainability Social

Thursday, April 25
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Earth Month Events

NC State Earth Month highlights the interconnectedness of environmental, social and economic sustainability. Explore the calendar of events to participate in a diverse range of activities and ongoing challenges.

If you wish to add an event to this listing, please register your event at or contact

Try these tips this month to boost sustainability:

  1. Hit the light switch to save energy.
  2. Cycle safe.
  3. Eat fresh food and support local farmers.
  4. Equip your car for the best fuel efficiency.
  5. Get moving for your physical and mental health.
  6. Turn off the tap when water isn’t in use.
  7. Use reusable cups instead of disposable cups.
  8. Clean out your closet and donate or recycle items you don’t use.
  9. Stay hydrated with water.
  10. Swap out light bulbs for energy efficient versions, such as LEDs.
  11. Shop at farmer’s markets for local food.
  12. Purchase less by creating DIY products (look online for ideas and recipes).
  13. Reduce your use of disposable shopping bags.
  14. Reduce food waste by cleaning your plate.
  15. Recycle to give new life to discarded products.
  16. Buy used to save money and reduce resource use.
  17. Reduce your water footprint.
  18. Give back to a local charity.
  19. Save water by taking shorter showers.
  20. Walk more to reduce emissions and improve your health.
  21. Grow your own food in your backyard or plant containers.
  22. Happy Earth Day. Do something to celebrate the planet.
  23. Fix leaks fast to save water.
  24. Opt for eco-friendly laundry: wash in cold water or hang items to dry.
  25. Drive less to reduce emissions and air pollution.
  26. Adjust computer display settings to save energy.
  27. Buy in bulk to reduce packaging waste.
  28. Pull the plug on electronics not in use in order to save energy.
  29. Go paperless to reduce paper waste.
  30. Eat produce that’s in season.

 Earth Month is hosted by NC State’s Sustainability Council and University Sustainability Office.