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Wide angle photo of ballroom full of seated attendees at the 2023 Southern Energy Conference.

Annual NC energy conference to be hosted by NC State this April

The conference, which is hosted annually by NC State’s Office of Professional Development and the NC Clean Energy Technology Center, part of the College of Engineering, is a two-day event for professionals in the energy industry. This year, it will take place on April 23 and 24 at the McKimmon Conference & Training Center on Gorman Street.
Collage depicting a hand holding a train extending toward a cityscape.

Will We Build Cities for Humans or Machines?

In October 2023, JoAnna Klein interviewed research ecologist Adam Terando along with drone aficionado Evan Arnold and public transportation systems researcher Kai Monast about the future of transportation. As climate changes and advanced technology accelerates, they explored a unique opportunity to rethink how people, goods and ideas move around the world.
Connor Jones

Connor Jones

Connor Jones is the managerof Wolfline Transit NC State Transportation at NC State.

Apply Now for IEI’s Financial Resilience Community Cohort

Applications are now being accepted for IEI’s new Financial Resilience Community Cohort. Five community-based organizations from across the state will be selected to join the cohort and work together to support building financial resilience locally.

Show Us Your Research, NC State!

NC State is calling on graduate students, undergraduate students, postdocs, faculty and staff to take part in Envisioning Research, the university’s annual research image contest.
Young woman standing in front of a market building

From Distance Learning to Community Farming

Gabrielle Buchanan thrived in the CALS agricultural science distance education program, developing skills that now boost her role as a volunteer services coordinator at Raleigh’s Inter-Faith Food Shuttle.
From left: Steven Shannon, Amanda Lietz and Florian Laggner are leading a DOE grant that funds the development of new and sustainable designs for neutral beam sources.

DOE grant brings renewed energy to NC State COE in more ways than one

Nothing energizes the engineering community like fusion. Scientists have seen fusion startups crop up around the country in recent years as fusion becomes less of an experimental, fundamental science program and more of an energy program.
Julianna Duran-Jolley sitting near succulents

Researcher Spotlight – Julianna Duran-Jolley

Learn more about the environmental justice research by Global Change Research Fellow, Julianna Duran-Jolley.