For Students, By Students: Campus Green Havens

Stepping out onto the third-floor terrace of Talley Student Union, visitors will discover a transformed space — a new garden nestled within eight sleek planter boxes. Once an underutilized area, it has blossomed into the Talley Green Terrace

Led by the Sustainability Stewards in collaboration with the Facilities Division and with the financial support of the NC State Sustainability Fund, the Talley Green Terrace is one of three new Campus Green Havens. These spaces were designed to enhance the mental and physical wellness of the NC State community by encouraging people to go outside and enjoy the pollinator-friendly plants and herbs.

Talley Green Terrace was the first space chosen by the students, primarily for its sun exposure and ability for students to enjoy the buzz of both pollinators and campus life overlooking Cates Avenue.

Governors Scott Courtyard, another gem among the Campus Green Havens, offers a green sanctuary for North Campus. Situated between Kilgore Hall and Fox Teaching Lab, this spacious bricked patio now includes four new planter boxes and cafe-style seating for students to connect with nature and each other.

The Campus Green Havens at Nelson North Plaza sits between the front of Nelson Hall and Hillsborough Street. Utilizing six repurposed planters originally intended for Talley, this revitalized courtyard offers a safer space for students to gather while surrounded by greenery.

Final installations of the Campus Green Havens were completed in April 2023 and will be maintained by both students and NC Landscape Maintenance and Operations staff. The Wolfpack community and beyond are invited to explore these gardens and other sustainable features on campus at