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3 students crouch on ground while planting strawberries

NC State’s Edible Gardens

Discover NC State’s edible garden spaces and the wide range of benefits they offer to campus and the world.
Danesha Seth Carley works in a pollinator garden in front of the clubhouse at the Pinehurst golf course.

Let It Bee

Horticultural science professor Danesha Seth Carley helped reintroduce native plants to the Pinehurst No. 2 golf course for its 2014 men’s and women’s U.S. Open championships. Since then, she’s focused on bringing bees back to Donald Ross’s original design for the course.
Two young women sitting on garden planters laughing

BAE Educational Garden Opens to the Community

Graduate student Jasmine Gibson led the design and construction of a new campus garden, highlighting education and sustainable farming practices.
small white bulb shaped flowers on a blueberry plant

5 Wildlife-Friendly Native Shrubs To Plant

A landscape with native shrubs makes it possible for wildlife to float like a butterfly, sting like a bee and feast like a bird.
A carpenter bee foraging on Butterfly Bush flowers in a campus Pollinator Garden.

Using iNaturalist to Investigate Our Bee Campus

Join the NC State Campus Bee competition using iNaturalist this April to collect data on campus bees and win a "sweet" prize.
Fall leaves and a berry

5 Native Trees To Plant for Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Fall is the perfect time to add a new native tree to your yard. Your animal neighbors will thank you by visiting often.  Native plants provide essential food and habitat…
Red flowers

3 Reasons To Add Native Plants to Your Landscape

If you’re interested in creating a pollinator garden, songbird spot or peaceful place in your home landscape, native plants have some built-in benefits. An NC State expert has tips on getting started.
two monarch butterflies on a white flower

Pollinator Gardens And You

In honor of National Pollinator Month, we’re chatting with Danesha Seth Carley, co-author and research associate professor in NC State’s Department of Horticultural Science, about how to build pollinator gardens.