Compete for a Cause: Join the NC State Energy & Water Competition

The campus-wide Energy and Water Competition at NC State, sponsored by the Sustainability Stewards and the Inter-Residence Council with support from NC State Energy Management, is going on now through Friday, March 31, 2023. This month-long competition challenges students living on campus to reduce their energy and water consumption by adopting more sustainable habits in their daily routines. 

Data about water and electricity consumption will be collected and normalized to compare the reduction levels across the campus. Locations (based on districts) that achieve the greatest reductions will be rewarded with a food truck celebration on April 15. Eligible competition locations include: 

  • District 1: Alexander Residence Hall, Owen Residence Hall, Tucker Residence Hall, Turlington Residence Hall
  • District 2: Wood Residence Hall
  • District 3: Bagwell Residence Hall, Becton Residence Hall, Berry Residence Hall, Gold Residence Hall, Syme Residence Hall, Welch Residence Hall
  • District 4: Bragraw Residence Hall
  • District 5: Bowen Residence Hall, Carroll Residence Hall, Metcalf Residence Hall 
  • District 6: Lee Residence Hall, Sullivan Residence Hall 
  • District 7: North Residence Hall, Watauga Residence Hall 
  • District 8: Avent Ferry Residence Hall 
  • District 9: Wolf Village Apartments
  • District 10: Wolf Ridge Apartments

While a similar competition has occurred annually in sections of residence halls, such as the Tri-Towers or West Campus, this is the first time that students living in residence halls across campus will be able to participate.

To join the competition, students should implement small but effective changes such as turning off lights and electronics when not in use, taking shorter showers and using cold water for laundry. Education about these actions is key to a successful competition. 

“The Sustainability Stewards [host] this competition to educate students about resource conservation and instill habits to reduce their energy and water consumption”, said Tana Harris, Sustainability Steward and resource conservation team coordinator. “We hope to see tangible reductions in energy and water consumption over the month and be able to convert that into greenhouse gas emissions reductions.”

The NC State community is also invited to conserve energy and water to create a more sustainable campus. Conservation tips and events to learn more about the competition will also be posted to the competition website,