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Reflections on the State of Change Documentary Screening

The Global Change Research Fellows reflect on their time with Michelle Lotker, producer and editor of the PBS NC documentary “State of Change.”

Mammals on ‘Sky Islands’ May Be Threatened By Climate Change, Human Development

A new study sheds light on how climate change and human development threaten mammal species living in isolated biodiversity hotspots known as “sky islands.” Researchers placed camera traps throughout Mt. Kenya National Park in East Africa, following the same route up the mountain used by Theodore Roosevelt during his expedition there in 1909. By comparing…
A portrait photograph of Nathan Crook taken in front of shelves with lab equipment.

Tiny Organisms, Transformative Outcomes

Nathan Crook, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, is discovering how Earth’s simplest life forms might unlock solutions to complex problems like antibiotic-resistant infections, plastic pollution and climate change.
Collage depicting a hand holding a train extending toward a cityscape.

Will We Build Cities for Humans or Machines?

In October 2023, JoAnna Klein interviewed research ecologist Adam Terando along with drone aficionado Evan Arnold and public transportation systems researcher Kai Monast about the future of transportation. As climate changes and advanced technology accelerates, they explored a unique opportunity to rethink how people, goods and ideas move around the world.