Get To Know: Sustainability Stewards

Students in the Sustainability Stewards leadership program are well underway for another impactful year.

Created in 2013, the Stewards program is coordinated by the University Sustainability Office and aims to promote sustainable action on campus so that environmental, social and economic sustainability is cultivated at NC State. The Stewards include 23 students currently with applications open through Oct. 16 for first-year and transfer students to join. 

The Stewards have three working groups: Equity and Outreach, Resource Conservation and Waste Reduction. These groups are working on a wide variety of projects ranging from installing a green terrace at Talley Student Union to planning outreach events and a residence hall energy and water reduction competition. 

“The Sustainability Stewards are a group of incredibly passionate and driven students, and I’m looking forward to seeing all that they achieve this year,” said Keondra Jenkins, a program coordinator in the University Sustainability Office. 

Hear from a few of the Sustainability Stewards:

“As a Steward, I love working with different areas on campus, where we incorporate these changes that help campus enforce our commitment to a sustainable present and future … I hope for campus to integrate sustainability within every department, from the ground-up.”

Jaxon Davis
Environmental Sciences, Fashion Development and Textile Management
Waste Reduction Team Co-Coordinator

Katie Fremaux

“I am excited to continue to host events within the Stewards that bring community awareness and engagement. The Campus Thrift Store is one project that I am very excited to continue to work on this year which has been an event to educate about textile waste and fast fashion as well as provide students with a place to purchase affordable secondhand clothing.”

Katie Fremaux
Agriculture Business Management
Waste Reduction Team Co-Coordinator

“My vision for NC State is where every student connects with sustainability in a conscious manner in their daily lives. I am excited to finish the projects [Green Roof on Talley and Aerator Replacement Project] that I started earlier in my Stewards experience.”

Alexandra Akins
Nuclear Engineering and International Studies
Resource Conservation Team Co-Coordinator

“The Resource Conservation team is committed to making physical impacts to campus…by involving more residents in our energy and water conservation competitions and assessing stormwater issues on campus. I am also excited to be involved in the installation of our newest project,Talley Green Terrace, which will be completed this Spring 2023.” 

Tana Harris
Civil Engineering
Resource Conservation Team Co-Coordinator

“As a person who finds purpose in placemaking, I hope to set in motion more projects like the SolarSpace and Learning Gardens that enhance the social and ecological health of campus while engaging students in sustainability.”

Kyle Wurtz
Master of Landscape Architecture + Environmental Planning
Equity and Outreach Team Co-Coordinator

“I am grateful to be part of a team that is committed to equity within sustainability…I am looking forward to our fall install of the Learning Garden and the events that we have programmed [there] to support our campus wellbeing and connection to nature.”

Juhi Dattani
Equity and Outreach Team Co-Coordinator

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