Student-Led Event To Focus on Food Justice

The NC State Stewards will host a virtual Environmental Justice Symposium April 5-9 as part of NC State Earth Month 2021.

This year’s symposium aims to educate the campus community on issues of food insecurity and connect participants with resources for community-based action. The symposium will be held in a virtual setting with a mixture of asynchronous learning opportunities, a live panel discussion, food justice-related activities, and a documentary screening. Come ready to learn from experts, community leaders and business owners.

The event website contains a calendar of the events, event descriptions and an opportunity to register. The goals of the event are to:

  • Provide participants with information related to food insecurity and justice
  • Highlight existing resources, community leaders, and projects related to food justice issues in the Raleigh area
  • Encourage future engagement in food justice for attendees by offering tangible ways to contribute to community efforts
  • Welcome discussion and collaboration on how to build a more equitable food system

The NC State Stewards is a sustainability student leadership program coordinated by the University Sustainability Office.