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It’s Peach Season in North Carolina

Bite into these mouthwatering photos and fresh facts about North Carolina’s homegrown peaches.
3 students crouch on ground while planting strawberries

NC State’s Edible Gardens

Discover NC State’s edible garden spaces and the wide range of benefits they offer to campus and the world.
portrait of Bill Aimutis

Get to Know Sustainable Protein Co-Director Bill Aimutis

A food scientist who’s left his mark on store shelves worldwide will take on a fresh challenge as co-director of a new sustainable protein center at NC State.

Growing a Homerun Peanut

Nearly all of the peanuts we munch on at major and minor league baseball games came from the peanut breeding program at NC State University.
Carla Davis, Kate Macleod, Karthik Kunnumpurath Jayakumar and Lani St Hill stand outside in front of smiling tree statue and Raleigh skyline at City of Raleigh Environmental Awards.

City Accolades for Sustainability

City of Raleigh Environmental Awards recognized two NC State students and a campus program for significant advancement of sustainability.
Field Crops at Tidewater Research Station

First of Its Kind

NC State experts contributed to a new web-based tool that can help farmers nationwide with decision-making on phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.