Tri-Towers Energy and Water Challenge

tritowers-challenge-2016About the Challenge

From October 3-31, the residents of Metcalf, Bowen and Carroll Residence Halls (known as the Tri-Towers) compete to see which hall can most reduce its energy and water use. The winning hall receives prizes, bragging rights and the winner’s plaque (which is currently in last year’s winning hall: Bowen). We’ll keep you updated every week on which hall is in the lead.

Energy Competition Versus Clemson

During Oct. 9-14, the Tri-Towers faced off against three Clemson residence halls for the greatest reduction in energy/water use. Congrats to the Wolfpack for winning the challenge!

Week 2 Standings

First Place: Carroll Residence Hall

Energy Reduction: 39%
Water Reduction: 23%

Second Place: Bowen Residence Hall

Energy Reduction: 22%
Water Reduction: 19%

Third Place: Metcalf Residence Hall

Energy Reduction: 20%
Water Reduction: 23%

Energy and Water Conservation Tips

Keep your doors and suite doors closed
Reduce your A/C usage
Unplug electronics not in use
Hit the light switch when you leave an empty room
Take shorter showers to reduce your use of hot water