Tri-Towers Energy and Water Challenge

tritowers-challenge-2016About the Challenge

From October 3-31, the residents of Metcalf, Bowen and Carroll Residence Halls (known as the Tri-Towers) competed to see which hall could most reduce its energy and water use. The winning hall — Carroll — receives prizes, bragging rights and the winner’s plaque (which Bowen won in 2015).

Energy Competition Versus Clemson

During Oct. 9-14, the Tri-Towers faced off against three Clemson residence halls for the greatest reduction in energy/water use. Congrats to the Wolfpack for winning the challenge!

Final Standings

Total October savings resulting from the Energy and Water Challenge:  $12,005

First Place: Carroll Residence Hall

Energy Reduction: 36.5%
Water Reduction: 13.4%

Carroll saved $370 on water and $4,239 on energy throughout the competition.

Second Place: Bowen Residence Hall

Energy Reduction: 24%
Water Reduction: 13.5%

Bowen saved $298 on water and $3,353 on energy throughout the competition.

Third Place: Metcalf Residence Hall

Energy Reduction: 9.6%
Water Reduction: 8.4%

Metcalf saved $290 on water and $3,455 on energy throughout the competition.

Energy and Water Conservation Tips

Keep your doors and suite doors closed
Reduce your A/C usage
Unplug electronics not in use
Hit the light switch when you leave an empty room
Take shorter showers to reduce your use of hot water