Residence Hall Energy and Water Challenge

From October 4 through November 1, the residents of Metcalf, Bowen, Carroll, Tucker and Owen Residence Halls will compete to see which hall could most reduce its energy and water use. Residents of the winning hall receive a pizza party.

The challenge has been coordinated annually by the NC State Stewards since 2014.

Energy and Water Conservation Tips

Turn off your lights every time you leave your room.
Shorten your shower to save about 2 gallons every minute.
Unplug chargers and other appliances (phones, laptops, etc.) when not in use.
Keep your doors and suite doors closed.
Reduce your use of heat or air conditioning when the outside temperature is mild.
Wash laundry in cold water when you can.
Turn off the tap when water isn’t needed.
Report leaks so they can be fixed fast.
Charge electronics with renewable energy while studying under solar umbrellas.