Food and Housing Security On Campus

Years ago, Mary Haskett learned that a student on her research team was living in a car, and that experience opened her eyes to the struggles some college students face with food and housing security.

A recent national study indicated that 20 percent of college students were highly food insecure and 7 percent experienced homelessness. Now, a team of NC State researchers, staff and students are coming together to explore what food and housing security issues might be impacting NC State students.

“We envision that all NC State students will have access to sufficient, nutritious, culturally appropriate and affordable food and safe, affordable housing accessible to the university,” said Haskett, an NC State psychology professor who is co-leading the initiative.

On Oct. 27, the team kicked off the initiative with a campus conversation about food and housing security (access presentation). Additional efforts, including a student survey, are underway. Join the initiative’s Google Group to stay up-to-date with the latest progress.




Steering Committee


Jeffrey Braden; Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Michael Mullen, Vice Chancellor & Dean, DASA

Steering Committee:
Co-Chair: Sarah Wright; Student Support Services,TRiO Program
Co-Chair: Mary Haskett; Professor, Psychology
Lindsay Batchelor; Program Coordinator, University Sustainability Office
Carolyn Bird; Chair of Faculty Senate & Associate Professor, Dept. of Agricultural and Human Sciences
Shawn Hoch, NC State Dining
Indira Gutierrez; Student Member
Shivani Surati; Student Member

Community Steering Committee:
Joshua Monahan; 1in6 Snacks
Danielle Butler; Family Promise & Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness


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