Wolf Ridge Apartments

Wolf Ridge Apartments are among NC State’s campus buildings certified for high performance and sustainability.


GrossĀ Square Footage: 550,446

Status:Ā Certified LEED Silver

Date of Completion: July 2014

Designer: LS3P and Sasaki

Purpose of Project: With the ongoing move of the College of Engineering to Centennial Campus, there is great pressure to provide student housing and dining facilities as well as other student amenities to serve this student population. The College of Engineering is about one fourth of NC Stateā€™s 33,800 student population. Six of the ten departments will be located on Centennial Campus by 2010. In addition to serving Engineering students, the new Centennial Campus Student Housing facilities also serves students in the College of Textiles, located on Main Campus Drive.Ā  TheĀ apartments include a 370-seat dining facility as well as a bookstore.


Sustainability Strategy

  • Educating and involving residents in sustainable features to further the conservation of natural resources through personal action.
  • Undertaking an inclusive integrated design process.
  • Achieving a minimum of LEED silver certification.
  • Evaluating total life cycle costs.
  • Making occupant health and comfort a priority and balancing with energy efficiency goals.
  • Significantly reducing greenhouse gases by maximizing energy efficiency and considering onsite renewable energy.
  • Incorporating a green roof system to reduce heat load and stormwater runoff.Ā An underground cistern will assist with managing stormwater by collecting water from roof drains and collecting steam condensate to be used for irrigation.
  • Including energy management operational processes such as energy modeling, operating schedules, etc.
  • Implementing a measurement and verification system as well as ongoing, third party, commissioning.
  • Including planning for long-term efficient use of space and infrastructure.
  • Allowing for a collaborative working, studying and interactive environment.
  • Committing each major building user group to identifying and integrating business operations that maximize sustainability goals.