NC State Golf Course Clubhouse Earns LEED Silver for Sustainability

pooleclubhouseNC State’s Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse, located at the university’s Lonnie Poole Golf Course, has received national certification for sustainability.

The building, which opened in February 2014, achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) at the silver level.

The nearly 30,000-square-foot clubhouse includes a golf shop, indoor player development and instructional space, the Terrace restaurant, men’s and women’s golf team facilities, and teaching areas for NC State’s PGA Golf Management and Turf Management programs. The clubhouse anchors the 200-acre, 18-hole championship golf course, which has earned Audubon International Certification for natural habitat preservation and ranks among the top 25 collegiate golf courses in the country.

“A LEED Silver certified clubhouse is the perfect complement to an Audubon International certified golf course,” said Liz Bowen, a University Sustainability Office program coordinator specializing in the university’s built environment.

The clubhouse features sustainable building materials, low-flow plumbing fixtures, bike racks,  indoor storage and charging stations for approximately 80 electric golf carts, and dedicated parking signage that encourages sustainable travel. Like the golf course, the clubhouse uses native vegetation and landscaping that require less water and no permanent irrigation system.

“The golf course and clubhouse reflect NC State’s core sustainability values,” said Dan Adams, associate vice chancellor for NC State Campus Enterprises, which oversees the management of the facilities. “We are on the forefront of a national trend toward creating recreational spaces that not only minimize the impact to the environment but actually enhance and support the wildlife and ecosystems.”

During construction of the clubhouse, robust recycling efforts minimized waste sent to local landfills and low-VOC paints and sealants were utilized, contributing to improved indoor air quality. Designated recycling storage areas within the building allow convenient access to campus recycling initiatives and shingles with high solar reflective properties contribute to lower heat island effect.

The clubhouse is the tenth university building to achieve LEED certification.