You Won’t Believe the Dresses These Students Made

The following post was written by Jon Millner, the spring 2014 communications intern in the University Sustainability Office.

During my internship, I had the chance to coordinate and develop the ReNew Fashion Challenge, a sustainable fashion design competition developed through a partnership between the College of Textiles and the University Sustainability Office. The competition challenged College of Textiles students to create a garment out of repurposed, reused, and recycled materials. Here’s what they created:

The Bag Lady

This first place entry designed by Jamie Morrison repurposes recycled plastic bags into an eye-catching gown.

Workbook Reworked

Amelia Harms designed this second place entry from more than 300 untouched chemistry workbook pages that were combined to create this dress and bring awareness to wasteful paper practices. The only other supplies used in this dress? Glue, green thread and paint.

Salvaging Selvedge

This third place entry designed by Amanda Marshall utilizes jacquard loom waste – a reminder of the origin of garments and production’s by-products.

From Trash to Class

Allison Comer’s leather jumpsuit design was originally a leather trench coat that was found at a thrift store. The liner was used for pants and the shell of the jacket was used for the low-cut top of the jumpsuit. The buckle on the front is from an old purse.

Collective Consciousness

Lisa Hoang’s idea was to use recycled t-shirts to create a wedding dress that could be reused and worn again after the special day.

Old to New

Mia Pitillo’s piece is a twist on the crop top trend made from scrap fabric and an old curtain.

Urban Spree

Made from a recycled dress, Sarah Plaisted designed a colorful pleated skirt from repurposed fabric.

The Gift of an Angel

Laney Smith’s garment is made out of recycled Victoria’s Secret bags and the tissue paper that comes with the bags.