University Sustainability Office

NC State University Sustainability OfficeWho We Are


Equipping the NC State community for a leaner, smarter, stronger future


A culture that creates leaders and sustainable solutions for global challenges

Guiding Principles

  • Impact that improves communities and lives
  • Stewardship of economic and natural resources
  • Collaboration with interdisciplinary partners to do more together than alone
  • Connections of people and ideas that weave together common threads and boost efficiency
  • Experiential education that equips students for careers while improving campus
  • Shared responsibility that recognizes interdependence and calls for action
  • Innovation that addresses grand challenges of society and creates local and global prosperity

Our Approach

Real-world problems of environmental and economic stewardship, human health and well-being, and social equity are best solved when the boundaries of classroom, campus and community are dissolved. That’s why we utilize NC State’s campus as a living laboratory and model for experiential education, research and outreach that creates sustainable solutions for global challenges.

Meet Our Staff


What We Do

The NC State University Sustainability Office was established in April 2008 to serve as a centralized resource of sustainability information and action for students, faculty and staff. Current responsibilities of the University Sustainability Office and its staff include:

  • Be the hub for sustainability-related information and activities
  • Foster collaboration that brings together people, ideas and resources
  • Initiate programs and practices that integrate sustainability into the university
  • Provide education and outreach to the campus and surrounding community about sustainability
  • Communicate sustainability knowledge, progress and activities
  • Support and coordinate the Campus Environmental Sustainability Team
  • Further efforts to meet the goals of the university’s Sustainability Strategic Plan and sustainability commitments
  • Equip campus departments to envision and implement their unique contribution to sustainability
  • Measure, assess and continually improve campus sustainability efforts
  • Embed sustainability into NC State’s culture and traditions


The University Sustainability Office is a Wolfpack Certified Sustainable Workplace.