5 Super Simple Ways to Save Water During Summer

H20 is kind of like gasoline: it used to be cheap and seemingly plentiful but now the tables have turned. It’s more expensive than ever and more and more reports suggest that H20 — one of the world’s most vital resources — is also in limited supply. With droughts now more common, some states struggling with water shortages and a rapidly growing global population, water is becoming increasingly important to conserve. During the summer, the average person uses more water than any other time of the year, so we compiled five easy things you can do to reduce your use when it’s hot outside.


At the Car Wash

If you like your ride clean and sparkly, don’t pull out buckets and sponges just yet. Hand washing a car uses about 150 gallons of water versus about 50 gallons at an automatic car wash. Plus, the automatic wash is quicker and much easier. So if your car needs a cleaning this summer, go automatic. Or just wait for nature’s car wash (also known as an afternoon summer rainshower).


Shorten your Shower

Now that the cold days of winter are behind us, you’re probably craving long, hot showers less these days. Did you know shortening your shower by 2 minutes can save 150 gallons per month? Plus, it’s summer; there are so many more things you could be enjoying than taking a 30-minute shower. If you want to save even more water, use towels more than once to decrease the energy and water required for laundry.


Rinse Right

Isn’t summer the best for fresh fruits and veggies? Whether you grow a garden or shop at a Farmer’s Market, most of us end of washing our produce before we eat it. Instead of rinsing produce under flowing water from a faucet, consider filling a bowl of water to wash produce. Bonus: when you’re done rinsing, pour the leftover water on a plant outdoors instead of down the drain.


Say No Thanks

Many restaurants will automatically provide water at your table and refill it often. But if you don’t plan on drinking it, just decline the refill. They won’t mind not having to top of your H20 and you won’t leave full glasses of water on the table for them to pour down the drain after you leave.


Turn On the Tap

Yes, you read  that right. Turn on the tap to fill up your reusable water bottle instead of drinking from disposable plastic bottles. The amount of water you drink might be the same with either bottle, but it takes three to five times as much water to produce the disposable plastic bottle that you’ll throw away after just one use.

Want more ideas? There are plenty more ways for you to turn off the tap and save water during summer.


Photo credit: Flickr via skynoir