Create a Summer (Sand) Sustainability Bucket List

Summer is the perfect time to create a (sand) bucket list of things you want to do during the most fun season of the year. Here are 20 of our favorite ideas for sustainable summer. What would be on your list?

  1. Read a book. Want to read with the Wolfpack? Try NC State’s Common Reading book.

  2. Road trip! No good road trip is done alone, so find carpool buddies. Plus, try these other tips for a sustainable road trip.

  3. Visit a farmers market. Local food is often fresher and helps support local farmers (and your local economy)

  4. Get moving. When the weather is warm and the skies mostly clear, get outside and get moving for a more sustainable you. Need motivation? Try these ideas to move more.

  5. Try a new recipe. These veggie recipes are super easy and even better when made with local produce. Looking for a refreshing take on water? Try these fruit-infused water recipes.

  6. Visit a zoo. The North Carolina Zoo has more than 1,600 animals on 500 acres, creating a animal experience like none other.

  7. Eat popsicles. What tastes like summer more than ice cream and popsicles? After you chow down, save the sticks to make this craft.

  8. Go on a nature hike. Research a new trail or park near you and enjoy the walk. Be on the look out for unique wildlife and plants.

  9. Make a friendship bracelet from repurposed material. Try using an old t-shirt for an easy, free design.

  10. Have a picnic in a park. Bring some local food along and enjoy the outdoors.

  11. Host a (sustainable) cookout. Here are some ideas.

  12. Play flashlight tag. With a solar powered flashlight, of course.

  13. Go camping (and leave no impact on the environment). This guide will get you started.

  14. Go for a bike ride. Whether it’s mountain biking on trails or hitting the streets, a bike is a great way to get moving this summer. If you’re riding in the city, remember these cycling street smarts.

  15. Plant flowers or a garden. Want to plant just a few items that have the most bang for the buck? Here’s a frugal gardener’s planting list.

  16. Have a local food pizza-making party. Go with the standard meat or vegetable pizza or sweeten it up with a summer fruit pizza.

  17. Visit the beach. And while you’re there, be sure to be sustainable with these beach trip tips.

  18. Hang your clothes outside to dry. It saves energy and will leave your clothes with a fresh, clean and summer scent. Try other sustainable laundry tips.

  19. Decorate a reusable water bottle. If you’re bored with your metal water bottle, it might just need a new coat of paint in your favorite color.

  20. Start composting. It’s a great way to reduce waste and nourish plants. Learn how to get started.

What will you put on your summer sustainability bucket list?

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