Participate in the One Grateful Pack Challenge

For many of us, the fall and winter holidays are when we reflect on the things and the people we are grateful for.

University Human Resources staff member Kelly Vance wants to encourage members of the Pack to make practicing gratitude a consistent part of their routine. She has created a challenge called One Grateful Pack to show participants how easily they can integrate practicing gratitude into their lives and reap the benefits of doing so. 

Research has shown practicing gratitude may have health benefits, such as relieving stress and anxiety and improving sleep. 

“When people share meaningful actions of gratitude with others, that can be powerful,” Vance said. “I can’t think of a better way to contribute to a more positive society.”

You can participate in the One Grateful Pack challenge by sharing how you’ve practiced gratitude on this form. You can submit the form each time you practice gratitude between Nov. 1 and Nov. 15. Vance will review the submissions and select five to 10 participants to receive a prize. Each form submission will count as an entry into the prize drawing.

To participate in the challenge, you can do your own ways of practicing gratitude, do the suggested ones listed below or do a combination of both.

Share What You Are Grateful for at Red and White Fest

Come to Red and White Fest: An Employee Celebration on Friday, Oct. 27, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., at Miller Fields and write what you are grateful for on a board. There will be boards on-site for participants to write on.

PAWS and Say Thanks

Send a PAWS and Say Thanks card to a colleague or a group of colleagues. PAWS and Say Thanks is a recognition program that allows NC State employees to send notes to co-workers to express how much they appreciate their colleagues and their hard work.

Start a Grateful Jar or Box

Get a mason jar or a box and ask your co-workers to anonymously submit what they are grateful for by writing a word or sentence on a slip of paper. Schedule time weekly or monthly to read aloud the submissions. 

Paint Grateful Rocks

Get together with your co-workers to paint positive messages on small rocks. Keep your rock to remind yourself to be grateful or paint a kind message on a rock and give it to someone else. You can paint on small canvases or other items instead of rocks.

Start a Personal Gratitude Journal

Write down a thought each day and review it at a later date. No entry is too small or too big. 

Write a Gratitude Prompt on a Board

Put a dry-erase board in a common space and write a new prompt on the board weekly. Here are some examples:

  • I’m grateful for these three red things: 
  • I’m grateful for these three friends:
  • I’m grateful for these three family members:
  • I’m grateful for these three things at work:
  • I’m grateful for these three people whom I work with:

Send a Friend or Co-Worker a Thank-You Note

Send someone you know a thank-you note or text, or call that person to share your gratitude.


Volunteer at Feed the Pack, the food pantry at NC State, or find other volunteer opportunities. You can donate food to Feed the Pack at Red and White Fest.

Jot Down What You Love About Yourself

Write down three things you love about yourself and read them aloud to yourself. 

Create a Gratitude Pumpkin With Your Family

Each day of this challenge, have each person in your household write down one word on a pumpkin that describes what they are thankful for. At the end of the challenge, read the words together. 

This post was originally published in University Human Resources News.