Participate in Wellness Challenge for Chance To Win Athletics Experience

University Human Resources invites staff and faculty to participate in a wellness challenge to promote community — and to have a chance to win an NC State athletics experience. 

You can participate in the Fall Wolfpack Employee Wellness Challenge as a solo participant or on a team with up to five members. Each team member will earn points for participating in wellness-related activities, like taking 7,000 steps over a three- or six-day period or attending a wellness webinar. For example, if three members of a five-member team participate in an activity worth five points per person, the team will get 15 points.

The challenge will run Sept. 10-30. The two teams with the most points at the end of the challenge will get to tour a Wolfpack athletics facility, such as Murphy Football Center or Reynolds Coliseum, or attend a Wolfpack athletics team’s nonpublic practice.

“The benefits of doing this challenge are building relationships, getting to know others and working as a team to strategize the best way to earn points to win this competition,” said Kelly Vance, wellness, child care and perks coordinator and organizer of the challenge. 

But Vance stressed winning the challenge shouldn’t be your main reason for participating. Vance created the challenge to motivate employees to get involved in activities related to NC State’s elements of wellness.

“We made this a team challenge so people can create community and develop social relationships,” she said. “Members of your team don’t have to be someone in your department. A team member can be someone from across campus who is a friend and wants to be on your team.” 

To learn more about the challenge, read the rules and this FAQ. To register to participate in the challenge, complete this form by Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2023.

This post was originally published in University Human Resources News.