Where Are They Now? Sustainability Steward Martina Gonzalez Bertello

Meet Martina Gonzalez Bertello ‘21, a former Sustainability Steward who is completing her master’s degree in Environmental Science and Engineering at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

How has your experience with the Sustainability Stewards influenced your personal or professional pursuits?

My experience in the Stewards really allowed me to gain skills in leadership and communication. I was able to work on them within my team and learn from my mistakes in a setting where that wasn’t criticized and growth was encouraged. Now in more fast-paced workplaces, I can demonstrate these skills more confidently.

What advice would you give to current or future sustainability leaders based on your experience?

Failure is just success in progress. Learn from it and keep moving!

What’s your favorite memory as a Sustainability Steward?

Finishing the timeline of SolarSpace‘s construction with my energy team and cutting the red ribbon after a year-long effort.