Welcome Our Newest Students in Sustainability

Twenty extraordinary students have been selected to join the Campus As A Classroom sustainability internship program for 2022-2023. 

Coordinated by Jessica Bast of the University Sustainability Office, the student interns will work on 11 projects across 5 campus departments that advance sustainability at NC State.

This is the second year of the Campus As A Classroom program, which provides on-campus paid internships during the academic year. Students are paired with university faculty and staff on operations-focused projects that provide real-world learning opportunities about sustainability.

Projects for this year’s cohort include leading campus outreach efforts and tours, supporting waste diversion and composting programs, designing sustainable landscapes, researching pollinators, exploring the potential for more campus electric vehicles, promoting sustainability for athletic events and more.

The cohort experience is designed to also develop professional skills and prepare students for careers after graduation.

Meet the 2022-2023 Campus As A Classroom student interns:

Abbie Seidle
Ariana Paul
Bridget Monahan
Chase McCrary
Christina Conrad
Drew Lingerfelt
Esme Chiara
Grace Sullivan
Kelsey Hudson
Madison Foley
Melzer Morgan
Nicholas Cooke
Nicole Rosales-Garcia
Peyton Rudman
Rahul Sharma
Max O’Connor
Claire Henson
Sarah Jacobs
Madison Lawson
Jared Spurlin