Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Plastics On Campus

In honor of Plastic Free July, test your knowledge of plastics on campus. Take our quick quiz to learn more about how we collect plastic waste on campus and ways you can avoid single-use plastics being sent to the local landfills.

Plastics Quiz

Plastic bags can be recycled where on campus?
What can you NOT recycle on campus?
What plastic single-use items have reusable options at NC State to avoid plastic waste?
What percent of a NC State’s campus waste is estimated to be recyclable?
True or False: All plastics with a recycling symbol (♻) can be recycled.
What should I do with an item if I don’t know it’s compostable or recyclable?
You’re at Talley Student Center and get a fountain drink using a Coca-Cola cup labeled compostable. When you are done, what bin do you toss it into?
Are plastic straws recyclable?