8 Sustainable Things To Try in 2018

A new year can be a great time to try something new. Check out the following ways you can contribute to campus sustainability.


A New Commute To Campus

If you typically drive to campus, consider researching an alternative commute. Members of the NC State community have access to discount bus travel, incentive programs and more. Check out GoTriangle’s New Year, New Commute resources and NC State’s Wolftrails program.


A New Commute Around Campus

If you’re among the millions hoping to stay more active in 2018, car-less travel on campus can help. Instead of driving your car across campus and coping with parking woes, try walking (here’s how long it might take), riding the Wolfline (explore bus routes) or riding a bike (try LimeBike).


Compost On Campus

Composting is a type of waste reduction that turns certain items, such as food waste and paper-based food packaging (learn more about what’s compostable on campus), into a nutrient-rich soil additive that can be used in gardening and landscaping. Instead of compostable material going to landfills, it’s converted into a useful product. One of the easiest places to compost on campus is Talley Student Union, where compost bins are located throughout the building.


Clean Out Your Closet

If simplifying your wardrobe was on your 2018 to-do list, consider donating clothes to a local nonprofit or resale store. For professional clothes, NC State accepts donations to its Wolfpack Styled Professional Clothing Closet, which provides students with free clothing for job interviews, job fairs and new careers.


Conserve Energy and Water

NC State spent $27 million on campus utilities during fiscal year 2017. Hitting the light switch in an empty room, pulling the plug on electronics not in use and turning off the tap when water isn’t needed are just a few ways to help conserve energy and water. If you work in a research lab, shutting the fume hood sash can also reduce energy use.


Learn New Perspectives

Our communities, state, nation, and world face increasingly complex challenges that impact our environment, our economy and our society. Successful sustainability pursues balanced, ethical solutions that are economically viable, environmentally sound and socially just so that current and future generations may thrive. This year, seek out diverse perspectives on challenges that impact our life on Earth. The more you know, the more you can think and do.


Certify For Sustainability

The University Sustainability Office offers a sustainability certification for workplaces. A checklist and easy online survey will guide you through the certification process. If you plan campus events, there’s also a sustainable event certification. Certify by March to be recognized at this April’s 2018 Celebration of NC State Sustainability event.


Get Involved

Whether you’re an NC State student or employee, there are lots of ways to get involved with sustainability. For students in particular, opportunities abound to connect with a sustainability-focused program or group (take our quiz to learn more about yourself and how you want to impact the world). Campus also hosts many sustainability-related events (browse the calendar).


Happy new year!