Certified Wolfpack Green Launches

RecFest LineNorth Carolina State University is proud to announce the first two Certified Wolfpack Green events.

Certified Wolfpack Green is a formal process, developed by the University Sustainability Office and many campus partners, for certifying an event as “green.”  Events can qualify as either a Contributor, Steward or Champion.

The Bearcat Beatdown happening on Harris Field Thursday, September 22 and the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) Board Meeting are the first two events to receive the Green Events Certification and both qualified at the Steward level.

Lindsay Batchelor, program coordinator for the University Sustainability Office, said, “The green events certification is scaled such that it works for any size event; from a 15 person lunch to a 5,000 person concert!”

Over the course of a year the planning team developed the categories and criteria for certification.  The categories include: food, waste, purchasing, education, marketing, transportation, energy and water, service, innovation.  The Sustainability Office then created an easy three-step process for event planners to complete.

Batchelor continued, “We hope the certification process will help event planners think holistically in their planning.  As recognition for reducing their impact, the event will be listed on sustainability.ncsu.edu and event planners will receive a certificate indicating their level of commitment.”

In coming months the program will expand to include ‘Green Labs’ and ‘Green Workplace.’

For more information on ‘Certified Wolfpack Green’, go here: