Campus Environmental Sustainability Team


In August 2009, the Campus Environmental Sustainability Team (CEST) became an official NC State Administrative Advisory Committee charged the following the objectives:

  • Setting the  direction for  campus sustainability through strategic planning
  • Creating Working Groups that allow participation in the decision-making process by anyone on campus
  • Providing monitoring, communication and accountability for adherence to the Sustainability Strategic Plan and related commitments, including updating annual tactics and tracking progress toward goals

Although members are appointed, CEST is structured so that any person can participate in the decision-making through eight Working Groups, which were formed around the focus areas established in the 2006 Campus Environmental Sustainability Assessment: Academics and Research, Community and Culture, Buildings, Energy and Water, Land Use, Materials and Purchasing, Transportation, Waste Reduction and Recycling. To join a Working Group send an email to


Appointed Membership

Name Position Type of Appointee
Jack Colby Asst. Vice Chancellor for Facilities Operations and Chief Sustainability Officer Co-Chair
Bill Winner Director, Environmental Sciences Academic Program, Professor, Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, Chair of the University Energy Council Co-Chair and Interim Chair of the Academics and Research Working Group
Mark Michaelson  Project Manager, Capital Project Management Staff Senate Rep.
Tracy Dixon Director, University Sustainability Office University Sustainability Office Rep.
Keith Smith  University Dining At-Large
Dick Bernhard Professor Emeritus Faculty Senate Rep.
Vacant Centennial Campus Rep.
Appointment in progress Student Inter-Residence Council Rep.
Lisa Johnson University Architect, Office of the University Architect Chair, Land Use Working Group
Analis Fulghum Program Manager, Waste Reduction and Recycling Chair, Waste Reduction and Recycling Working Group
Sharon Loosman Director, Materials Management, Purchasing Department Chair, Materials and Purchasing Working Group
Lisa Maune Associate Director, Design and Construction Services Chair, Buildings Working Group
Vacant Chair, Energy and Water Working Group
Sean Fokes Energy Coordinator, University Housing Campus Life
Vacant Chair, Transportation Working Group
Walter Robinson Department Head and Professor, Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Science At-Large
Brian Iezzi Student Student Government Rep.


Meetings and Archived Minutes


Date Minutes and Presentations
Jan. 11 AgendaMeeting MinutesPresentations
 Feb. 15 Cancelled due to weather
 March 21  Agenda, Meeting Minutes
Date Minutes and Presentations
Jan. 30 AgendaMeeting MinutesPresentations
Feb. 27 Agenda
March 6 Agenda, Meeting Minutes, Presentations
March 27 Meeting MinutesHandouts
May 1 AgendaMeeting Minutes
Sept. 14 Agenda, Meeting Minutes, Handouts
Oct. 19 Agenda, Meeting MinutesPresentations
Nov. 16 Agenda, Meeting Minutes, Presentations
Date Minutes and Presentations
Jan. 21 AgendaMeeting Minutes
Feb. 24 AgendaDraft of Sustainability SOPMeeting Minutes
March 25 AgendaMeeting MinutesPresentations
April 22 AgendaMeeting MinutesPresentations
Aug. 29 AgendaMeeting Minutes
Oct. 3 AgendaMeeting MinutesPresentations
Nov. 7 AgendaMeeting MinutesPresentations
Dec. 8 AgendaMeeting MinutesPresentations
Date Minutes and Presentations
Jan. 25 AgendaMeeting MinutesHandouts
March 4 AgendaMeeting Minutes
April 3 AgendaMeeting MinutesHandouts
May 8 AgendaMeeting MinutesPresentation
Sept. 17 AgendaMeeting MinutesHandouts
Oct. 15 AgendaMeeting MinutesHandouts/Presentations
Nov. 19 AgendaMeeting MinutesPresentation
Date Minutes and Presentations
Jan. 18 Meeting MinutesAgenda
Feb. 27 Meeting MinutesAgenda
March 26 Meeting MinutesHandouts
May 21 Cancelled
June 18 Meeting MinutesTactic Updates
Aug. 27 MinutesHandoutsGreenhouse Gas PresentationDraft Energy Regulation Presentation
Oct. 1 MinutesMeeting Documents
Nov. 5 Minutes
Dec. 12 Cancelled
Date Minutes and Presentations
Feb. 21 Meeting MinutesCEST Approved SSPTactical GuidanceUpdated Tactic Template
March 23 Meeting Minutes
April 25 2011 Earthwise Award Presentation
May 25 Cancelled
Sept. 19 Meeting MinutesDraft Tactical PlanCharts
Oct. 24 Meeting Minutes
Nov. 28 MinutesDraft SSP MetricsCasper Technical Report – Green Baseball GameShelton Group White Paper
Date Minutes and Presentations
Jan. 13 Minutes
Feb. 10 MinutesSustainability Strategic Plan Draft
March 24 Minutes
April 14 Agenda & Presentation, MinutesPlanning Timeline
May 12 MinutesEnergy Charge
June 24 MinutesEnergy Charge Update
July 23 Minutes, Presentation, Student ResponsesOutline
Aug. 23 Minutes, Energy Plan Update, CAP Update with Community & Culture WG Update
Sept. 27 Minutes
Oct. 4-5 Not available
October 28 Minutes
Train the Trainer: November 4  N/A
Nov. 11 Cancelled
Date Minutes and Presentations
Aug. 27 MinutesPresentation
Sept. 16 Minutes, Handout, Presentation
Oct. 19 Minutes, Presentation
Nov. 11 Minutes, Energy & Water: Presentation and Draft Strategies, Transportation: Draft Strategies, Purchasing: Draft Strategies, Waste Reduction: Presentation and Draft Strategies
Dec. 9 MinutesPresentationRevised Time Line, Academics & Research: Draft Strategies, Buildings: Draft Strategies, Land Use: Draft Strategies Discussion
Date Minutes and Presentations
Dec. 9 Minutes
Nov. 18 MinutesEarth Celebration draft proposalStatus of Energy Projects on Campus
Oct. 14 Tour
Sept. 9 Cancelled
Aug. 12 MinutesLED lighting & University Housing presentation
July 8 Minutes
June 10 MinutesCarbon footprint presentation
April 15 Minutes
March 11 Minutes
Feb. 12 Minutes unavailable
Date Minutes and Presentations
Oct. 16 Minutes
Nov. 13 Minutes
 Dec. 11 Minutes
Resources for Members

NC State Sustainability History

Climate Commitment

Campus Guiding Documents, Policies, and Laws

Sustainability in Higher Education Resources

Tactical Planning


Working Group Meeting Archives

Academics and Research


Community and Culture

Energy and Water

Land Use

Materials and Purchasing


Waste Reduction and Recycling