Our quality of life is directly linked to the quality of our environment. Clean air, water, healthy foods and safe spaces are essential for thriving communities. Both locally and globally, NC State has ongoing research and student initiatives that work toward a healthy future of social, environmental and financial balance.

On campus, the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED) spearheads efforts for campus to embody its values of community and inclusion, seeking to create an NC State experience where everyone feels at home as part of the Wolfpack. Beyond campus, NC State research explores the impact of the environment on human health, identifying areas of risk burden and how these might be addressed to improve quality of life.

Academic Courses

The Sustainable Development Goals Course Inventory provides a unifying framework to explore NC State’s multifaceted initiatives in research, teaching and learning, co-curricular engagement and service.  Search the inventory to explore courses that relate to this area.


The Hands That Feed Us

Alejandro Gutierrez-Li leads the Agricultural Labor Extension Program, a novel and unique effort to address labor issues in North Carolina and the Southeast.