Student Health Center Addition

Student Health Center Addition is one of NC State’s campus buildings certified for high performance and sustainability.


Gross Square Footage: 23,600 addition, 42,900 existing

Date of Completion: August 2011

LEED Status: Certified LEED Gold

Designer: BBH (Architects), RMF (Engineers)

Purpose of Project: The addition and major renovation will continue to provide affordable, accessible and high quality primary health care to those eligible for services, a comprehensive disease-prevention and health promotion program to the NC State community.


Sustainability Strategy

The strategies incorporated into the Student Health Center Addition include:

  • Rain gardens and reduced impervious surfaces that will help control stormwater runoff.
  • Underground cistern to capture rainwater.
  • Reduction of light pollution from exterior light fixtures.
  • Public showers and bicycle racks to encourage alternative transportation and activity.