James B. Hunt Jr. Library


Anchoring the Centennial Campus’ academic oval, the James B. Hunt Jr. Library embodies the spirit of NC State’s competitive advantage in science and technology and will be a major factor in attracting and retaining the best faculty, students and corporate partners.

Before Hunt Library, campus libraries could seat less than 5 percent of NC State students. Hunt Library doubled the available study seats in part due to the bookBot, a automatic book retrieval system that reduced the shelving square footage needs by 40 percent.

Hunt Library also houses the the Institute for Emerging Issues, a public policy “think-and-do” tank that brings together leaders from businesses, nonprofit organizations, government and higher education to tackle some of the biggest issues facing North Carolina’s future growth and prosperity.

HuntLEEDGross Square Footage: 207,353

Date of Completion: January 2013

LEED Status: LEED Certified Silver

Designer: PBC+L  and Snohetta

Sustainability Strategy: The project features a highly efficient chilled beam and radiant panel HVAC system, rooftop solar hot water, and efficient plumbing fixtures for energy and water savings.  It also employs an automated book retrieval and storage system to reduce square footage, which reduces cost and the need to heat or cool more square footage.  The building utilizes a unique, custom high-performing unitized curtain wall facade system with integral solar shades which help to reduce passive heat gain into the building while still providing occupants with high levels of daylighting and views to the exterior.  Outside the building, high SRI paving, rain garden and a green roof are strategies incorporated into the design to reduce the heat island effect, provide habitat and reduce stormwater runoff.