Carmichael Gym Addition and Renovation

Carmichael Gym Addition and Renovation is one of NC State’s campus buildings certified for high performance and sustainability.

Gross Square Footage: ~82,800

Date of Completion: October 2020

LEED Status: LEED Silver Certified

Purpose of Project: The Carmichael Gymnasium Addition and Renovation project promotes the holistic approach to well-being, recreation, fitness and physical education by Wellness and Recreation for the Wolfpack community.

Sustainability Features:

  • Generous amounts of daylight are utilized throughout the building, increasing productivity, comfort and well-being of occupants while also requiring less electricity for lighting.
  • The building’s exterior has rainwater management measures in place to reduce the impact of runoff, as well as mitigations to reduce heat islands.
  • Indoor and outdoor water use is reduced through high-efficiency plumbing features.
  • Native landscaping plants further reduce the need for irrigation while reestablishing habitat for wildlife.
  • The proximity of the new Wellness and Recreation Center and Carmichael Gym to Talley Student Union, Reynolds Coliseum and Dail Softball Stadium makes this area a focus for both campus and public transportation systems. 
  • Infrastructure to support biking and alternative modes of electric transportation are available to reduce automotive use.
  • Occupants have access to a paved nature path behind the building as well as Miller Fields, a large open outdoor space next to the building.
  • High-efficiency HVAC systems service the building and use refrigerants that don’t contribute to ozone depletion.
  • A wide array of exterior and interior environmentally responsible materials have been utilized.
  • The building meets indoor air quality standards through use of low-emitting construction materials, as well as room-level air quality sensors for continuous monitoring.
  • Occupants have access to recycling and composting collection bins throughout the building.
  • The building is cleaned by University Housekeeping, which is Green Seal-certified for environmentally-friendly cleaning practices.

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