Why Reusable Bags Are Better Than Plastic

Reusable bags are a trending alternative to single-use plastic bags, which require significant amounts of petroleum to create, are often not recycled, and frequently pollute waterways and other public areas. Bag the plastic bag in favor of these reusable bag benefits:

They carry ridiculous amounts of cargo. Go ahead, pack that reusable bag to the brim. It can take it – way more than a flimsy plastic bag.

They’re carry-all champions. Want to make just one trip from the car with your groceries? Good luck doing that with plastic.

You don’t have this problem. Plastic clutters.

They come in your favorite color. Never pass up an opportunity sport your Wolfpack pride.

You probably already have one. Most students already carry a backpack around campus. Instead of reaching for a plastic bag in stores or eateries, save a plastic bag and use your backpack.

They save cash. Many stores provide financial incentives to bring your own bag. Who doesn’t want a discount?

No spills or rips. No one likes dealing with a plastic bag fail.

Go ahead, pull out your reusable bags and start reaping the benefits of reducing plastic use.