Quiz: How Sustainable Is Your Room?

Making your residence hall room or apartment more sustainable has never been easier. Take the quiz below to find out how sustainable your room rates:

  1. You’re late for class! Do you take the time to turn off your lights and appliances, or head out the door in a hurry? Always make sure you turn off lights when you leave, and don’t forget to pull the plug on electronic appliances that have standby mode. It makes a big difference.
  2. It’s getting hot in here! Do you turn on a fan or put the AC on high? Always take advantage of fans. If it’s cold out, try lifting your shades or blinds to let in some natural light and take advantage of all its benefits.
  3. Your light bulb blew! When buying a replacement bulb, do you pick a halogen or a fluorescent? Replacing all of your halogen and incandescent lights with compact fluorescents uses 1/4 of the energy and last up to 10 times longer. Earn extra credit if you upgraded to LEDs.
  4. Oh no, the faucet is leaking! Do you ignore it or report it ASAP? When you notice a leak, always report it as soon as possible. Also, check out the different ways you can save water by turning off the tap.
  5. So many electronics! Do you use an extension cord or power strip?  Throw out the extension cords and invest in a smart strip power strip to further reduce vampire energy loss.
  6. Your room smells like feet! Do you buy an air freshener or pick out a plant? Instead of using plug-ins, try some plants that improve indoor air quality. They smell fresh and aid in overall mood and stress levels.
  7. Your clothes are wet! Do you toss them in the dryer or air dry them in your room? To save energy, keep a drying rack in your room and air dry your laundry instead of using electric dryers.
  8. Your cell phone is dead. Do you charge it with electricity or solar power? Try using solar powered chargers to charge small items such as cell phones.
  9. Mmmm, that pizza was good! Do you throw the box in the trash, or the composting bin? Every year, the average college student produces 640 pounds of solid waste. Make sure you’re doing your part to change that. Pizza box composting on campus makes it easy.
  10. You reach for a tissue. Is it regular or recycled?  Replace your regular paper products with 100 percent recycled paper tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, plates, cups or lunch bags. Earn extra credit by using reusable plates, cups or bags!

How’d you rate? Think you’re more sustainable than your neighbor? Share this quiz with them!

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