Quiz: How Sustainable Is Your Room?

Making your residence hall room or apartment more sustainable has never been easier, especially if you’ve taken the time to move-in with sustainability in mind!

Take the quiz below to find out how sustainable your room and your habits rate:


Your room smells like feet! What do you do?
Mmmm, that pizza was good! Do you throw the box in the gray landfill or green compost dumpster?
Oh no, the faucet is leaking! Do you ignore it or report it ASAP?
Your light bulb blew! When buying a replacement bulb, do you pick the incandescent, compact fluorescent (CFL), or light-emitting diode (LED) bulb?
You’re late for class! Do you take the time to turn off your lights and appliances, or head out the door in a hurry?
Oh no, the shirt you want to wear tomorrow is dirty. What do you do?
So many electronics! Do you use an extension cord or power strip?
It’s getting hot in here! Do you turn on a fan or put the AC on high?


How’d you rate? Think you’re more sustainable than your neighbor? Share this quiz with them!

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