Your Free Holiday Sustainable Shopping Guide

There won’t be much that’s free this holiday season, but there are some ways to save money and the planet while you’re searching for the perfect gift. Check out our sustainable shopping guide:


Think before you buy

DIY and repurposed gifts are awesome and can save money. They can also be one-of-a-kind and sometimes even irreplaceable.


Take the bus or carpool to shopping centers

Everyone hates crowded parking lots.  Save time and stress by using public transportation or carpooling. Another plus: it might encourage you to buy less if you have less room to transport items home 🙂 Of course you could also buy items online and save yourself a trip to the stores.


Wear your walking shoes

Work on your wellness while you shop. Use a pedometer or smartphone app to count your steps as you go. You could also take the stairs in the mall (or walk up the escalator) instead of the elevator.


Shop at local stores

Support the local economy and you’re likely to find unique gifts that you’d never find at national big-box stores. Many local stores also give back to local charities, so it could be a great way of supporting the local economy and a local cause at the same time.


Buy fair trade items

Make socially responsible purchases. There are tons of product options ranging from home goods and coffee to apparel and chocolate.


Bring your own bag

No need to collect dozens of plastic bags during your holiday shopping. Bring your own reusable bag from home; they hold a lot more weight and prevent excess plastic waste.


Shop at second hand or thrift stores

Great place to find items to reuse. Or if you have a DIY gift in mind, this is a great place to find supplies.
Happy holiday shopping!


Image credit: Flick via Shana Berenzweig