11 Ways Reusable Water Bottles Are Cooler Than Plastic

By now, most of us know that disposable plastic water bottles aren’t exactly the most sustainable thing. But we’re not so sure you know how awesome reusable water bottles can be.  So here are our top reasons why reusable water bottles are way cooler than plastic.

1. Plastic bottles are ugly. Aesthetics matter, folks. They (whoever they are) say that you eat with your eyes first, so that’s why restaurants know your food must look good AND taste good. Let’s do the same thing with tap water. Which looks better? This:

Or this?



2. Cha-ching! Reusable water bottles are a gift that keeps on giving. Say you buy three bottles of water a week at about $1 per piece. At the end of a year, you’ll have spent $156 on bottled water. Call us cheap, but a $10 reusable bottle would have been a great investment. Bet that extra money could buy some sweet tickets to see the Pack play.



3. Clutter-free, please. You’ve got a lot to keep up with, and cleaning – well – it’s not exactly everybody’s first priority. We can think of a hundred things we’d rather be doing. If you’re not an avid water bottle consumer, you won’t have this to deal with on your desk:


4. Built-in accessories. Does a disposable plastic bottle come with a convenient straw? Straws beat twist-off plastic caps any day in our book.


5. Style points. We can hear it now, “Ooooo, where did you get your awesome reusable water bottle?”


6. They make great gifts. Ever tried giving your sibling a disposable plastic water bottle for his or her birthday? Yea, bet that didn’t go well. But one of these…well, they’re much cooler gifts.


7. Convenient carry options. Can’t clip that pesky disposable plastic water bottle to your backpack, can you?


8. We heart dishwashers. Would you rather clean your disposable plastic bottle by hand or toss your reusable water bottle in one of these?


9. Your ducks are in a row. When you remember to bring your own bottle, people know you’ve got it together. The rest of us buy disposable water bottles when we haven’t planned ahead for our thirst needs.


10. Monogram. If that’s your thing, have at it. Your disposable plastic bottle can’t do that.

11. Color matters. ‘Round here, don’t you want to sport the right color with your water choice? Seems to us that no Wolfpack fan wants to sport this shade of water bottle:

This is much more like it. Go Pack!


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