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Two men standing beside a large bench-shaped robot.

N.C. PSI Advances AI for Agriculture

At NC State University, the N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative is leading efforts aimed at helping producers put artificial intelligence to work for increased yields, efficiency and sustainability. Two new tools will…
field of wind turbines in the desert

Can We Reach Green Goals by 2050? Yes, But It’s Complicated

Jordan Kern models environmental risks, and Harrison Fell studies the economics of energy systems and policy. In November 2023, they shared what they know about what influences energy policies, how those policies play out in society, and why people behave the way they do. In our conversation, they laid out the challenges – and opportunities – that may arise on the journey to a green energy future.
NC State campus on a sunny summer day.

When Campus Becomes A Classroom

An applied learning program in sustainability provides real-world experience for dozens of students annually
portrait of Bill Aimutis

Get to Know Sustainable Protein Co-Director Bill Aimutis

A food scientist who’s left his mark on store shelves worldwide will take on a fresh challenge as co-director of a new sustainable protein center at NC State.