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Researcher Spotlight – Kaleb Goff

Current Global Change Research Fellow, Kaleb Goff, tells us about his work on plant diversity in mountain ecosystems.

Branch Out and Explore New Campus Tree Tours

Branch out and get to know NC State’s trees using the recently launched Campus Tree Tours web application.
a woman and a man stand in a field of green crops

NC State a Partner on NSF-Funded “Ag Tech Corridor” Project

A $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation is kickstarting an effort to create an agricultural technology corridor from central to eastern North Carolina, and NC State University plays a key role.
people in front of a tractor with a sign that reads ag awareness week

Get Ready for Ag Awareness Week

Wolf Plaza will transform into a bustling farm for Ag Awareness Week March 18-22.
a man stands next to two computer screens

Planting the Future

With support from the Trolinder graduate student endowment, Weilong He hopes to use machine learning to help breeders more efficiently assess the health of plants and troubleshoot problems for farmers.
A carpenter bee foraging on Butterfly Bush flowers in a campus Pollinator Garden.

Using iNaturalist to Investigate Our Bee Campus

Join the NC State Campus Bee competition using iNaturalist this April to collect data on campus bees and win a "sweet" prize.