10 Ideas for Plastic-Free Presents

Unwrap the magic of a sustainable holiday with these 10 plastic-free present ideas. ‘Tis the season to make the gift-giving experience merry for both loved ones and the planet. 

1. Zero Waste Starter Kits

Help a friend or family member prevent plastic waste by assembling a zero waste essentials kit, including cloth napkins, stainless steel containers and a reusable bag

2. Vintage Treasures

Give old pieces new life by shopping the NC State Surplus Sale, local thrift stores or your closets to find that perfect piece.

3. Farmers’ Market Bounty

Support local agriculture by creating a gift basket filled with fresh produce, homemade preserves and artisanal products from nearby farms. If you’re short on time, give a CSA membership.

4. Make Some Memories

Gift unforgettable experiences like cooking or crafts classes, concert tickets or a spa day.

5. Outdoor Adventures

Plan a day of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking or even a starlit picnic.

6. Donations in Their Honor

Make a meaningful impact by donating to a charitable cause on behalf of your loved one.

7. Joyful Reads

Shop a local bookstore (or your bookshelf) to find a page-turner they’ll love

8. Sweet Treats

Santa is not the only one who loves cookies. Homemade treats always make for a sweet holiday surprise.

9. Refill to Thrill

Kickstart their reusable journey by giving refillable options for everyday cleaners and soaps.

10. Plant Power

Share the gift of greenery with a succulent, herb or holiday poinsettia.

This winter,  remember that the most cherished gifts are the moments we create and the memories we share. Happy Holidays, Wolfpack!