Further Cultivating Our Culture of Care and Wellness

Dear NC State community,

Over the last year, our campus community has made great strides in how we discuss and support mental health and well-being and in the institutional resources available to serve our students’ needs. Several of our implementation teams have completed the work laid out for them in the Student Mental Health Task Force report, with various long-term recommendations in progress. You can read more about the teams and their progress here. Below are a few key updates from the teams.

  • The Counseling Center website received comprehensive updates to improve usability, and Wolfpack Wellness was transformed into the university’s one-stop shop for mental health and well-being resources, including a filterable resource list that makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • The Counseling Center now has more than 50 counselors and clinicians across campus, including embedded counselors in each of the colleges.
  • NC State is becoming a JED Campus to continue expanding our services and resources related to mental health and well-being.
  • Our academic calendar now includes wellness days, we updated and reviewed our postvention protocols, and we launched a new well-being skills training module for all first-year students.

Each student needs a unique network of support to have a successful semester, and I encourage you all to find the resources that will best serve you. Together, we can finish the semester strong and continue cultivating a culture of care and wellness within the Wolfpack.

Thank you,

Dr. Doneka R. Scott
Vice Chancellor and Dean
Division of Academic and Student Affairs

This post was originally published in NC State News.