Zero Waste Wolves Champion Sustainability in All Sizes

At NC State, sustainability comes in all sizes. Projects coordinated by the Zero Waste Wolves student organization embody this reality. 

The Zero Waste Wolves champion waste reduction in both their personal lives and on campus. They’ve led efforts to boost recycling in Hill Library and helped start the paper towel composting project across residence halls and apartments on campus. They also conduct workshops and presentations to promote the benefits of a zero waste lifestyle. 

The Wolves’ latest project promotes compost and recycling education for everyone living on campus using only 12 square inches.

Education magnet that shows pictures of items that can be recycled, composted and items to keep out.
Waste education magnet designed by the
Zero Waste Wolves student organization.

With support from the NC State Sustainability Fund, the Zero Waste Wolves designed a waste education magnet sized at only 4×3 inches. It easily fits on dorm-size fridges and uses pictures of items to simplify waste sorting. The magnet even includes items that should not be recycled (like single-use cups). 

Last year, the Wolves distributed more than 800 magnets and look forward to handing out more to interested students at their upcoming events, including the Compost Carnival on Thursday, Nov. 9, from 4-6 p.m. in Witherspoon Student Center. 

Students can take inspiration from the Zero Waste Wolves and apply for a Sustainability Fund FastTrack $1,000 grant. Grants for projects requiring more time and funding are also being accepted as part of the Normal Grant cycle. Sustainability projects at every size are welcome to learn more and apply at