Offset Carbon While You Shop Online

While you shop online with many retailers, you can generate carbon offsets for the Wolfpack.

UCapture is a green-tech platform that offers carbon offsets for groups and individuals. Create an account and anytime you shop online through an affiliated retailer, you will generate carbon offsets for NC State while also funding carbon-reduction activities.

Carbon offsets counteract emissions produced by individuals, businesses and organizations. These offsets are created by the completion of environmental projects that reduce carbon emissions in a specific place as a way to balance emissions created elsewhere.

UCapture’s carbon offset projects include reforestation, methane capture and renewable energy. Currently, there are over 20 projects in the United States — from locations as close as Gaston County, N.C. — and worldwide that users can select to fund. In addition to carbon reduction, these projects also help decrease poverty, produce affordable clean energy and protect ecosystems. All offsets are verified by a third party.

More than 25,000 stores have partnered with UCapture to fund carbon offset projects. The UCapture browser extension is installed once and works in the background without tracking browsing history or collecting personal information. There are also coupon codes that can save money.

Any carbon offsets generated by users who join using NC State’s referral link,, will be applied toward reducing the university’s carbon footprint, which is monitored through a bi-annual greenhouse gas inventory.

Join UCapture now and start offsetting carbon emissions by supporting sustainable projects across the globe.

Photo credit: Daniel Foster. Image shared under a Creative Commons license. Click for more information.