NC State Stewards: Hello and Farewell

The NC State Stewards student sustainability program welcomed new student leaders to their ranks this semester while also sending forth several graduating seniors.

Meet The New Stewards

The new members will bolster efforts to move NC State to a brighter, stronger and more sustainable future. NC State Stewards work to promote sustainable practices among their peers and the community through meaningful interaction and education.

  • Sindhu Polavaram: Chemical Engineering, First Year
  • Daniel Caleb Richardson: Paper Science and Engineering, First Year
  • Anthony Joseph Medeiros: Exploratory Studies/Business Administration, First Year
  • Daniel Ma: Industrial Design, Business Marketing, First Year
  • Princess Mutasa: Environmental Technology and Management, Third Year
  • Mary Champlin: Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, Second Year
  • Amanda McCloskey: Business Administration, Second Year

Onward and Upward

Six Stewards graduated in May 2019 after several years in the program. Congratulations to these Stewards on their accomplishments and future plans.

Cassie Austin: Degree in Environmental Engineering

Cassie will work as an Academic Engagement Specialist at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

Christian Rust: Degree in Chemical and Textile Engineering

Christian will work as an Associate Specialist in the Merck Manufacturing Leadership Development Program.

Stacy Partin: Degree in Molecular Biology

 Stacy is currently pursing a career in biomedical technology.

Thomas Clark: Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Tom will start the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering program at NC State.

Kruti Patel: Degree in Nutrition Science

Kruti will be attending the School of Dentistry at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

Mackenzie Fiss: Degree in Environmental Sciences and Marine Sciences

Mackenzie will attend Northeastern University to pursue a Ph.D. in Marine and Environmental Sciences.